Paint, Paint, Paint. . .

Yesterday I finished the first coat of primer on the living room’s log walls. Still to primer are the wallboard walls. These also need to be prepped, that is, cleaned and caulked.

Also, I figured out, with some help from pinterest and the paint manufacturer, exactly which paint we’ll use. At $100+ a gallon, this isn’t a trivial decision! The pic isn’t our house of course, but the walls are the color we’ll use.

One of our long-term fix up projects is to redo the stair trim on the room side. When I mentioned to DH that painting the wall meant that this might be a great time to do this, he responded that we’re doing the window move and that needs to happen and be finished first — and we may be running out of spring/summer/fall time to do projects. True enough. So, the revised plan is that we keep what we’ve got and it gets sanded primered and painted. It’s wood, so it will need knot sealer — so one more piece of wood to knot seal!

fb wevet sample


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