Dump Day

There’s a local antique co-op which is only really busy one month a year, starting mid month, this month. I got ahold of the owner to rent part of a glass case. I’ll put some of my high-end paper collectibles in it for sale, for one month or maybe two. Haven’t had a plan for those of late. And they aren’t selling where they are.

I just made salsa for the first time, or maybe I made gazpacho? Anyway, chopped tomotoes, jalapenos, cilantro, salt, lime juice, tomatillos, olive oil — whatever you call it! Not too bad, but not what I expected.

Worked on the short story as well and there was a small amount of biz related to what we hope is the next anthology. Still very tentative. . . .

Sorted through some craft paper this morning. Culled a few things at the same time of course. There’s a stack of books to be donated in the car. Some went into the swap shop at the dump, others were given to a neighbor, but they’re gone!

No major culling, moving, etc. but I think I’ve done my bit for a little while anyway!

The “feral” cat made her first appearance today at lunch time, so she got breakfast and her daily chin rub.

The dump bins are full of stuff to go, so I’m off to go and do that. There’s more books, papers, and stuff from moving the boxes and furniture around. It isn’t that I went through things a piece of stuff at a time, but if I saw something which was obvious trash, it went in the dump pile — why handle it again? I didn’t have time for a detailed sort,  but what’s on top isn’t all that hard to see: “Oh! A receipt from 18 years ago — Maybe I should keep it?” isn’t what I tell myself anymore. It goes in the trash or shred pile automatically.

I need to take another batch of “stuff to shred” to Staples on Friday. (This isn’t going to happen today, Friday, the car is FULL of boxes of stuff for the storage!) The box is full and so is the shredder bin, again. (Last time I had 2 boxes + the shredder bin.) I need to expedite this process, without having to have company. I wonder what I can do differently???


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