So, Today

I intend to work on some of those pending “to do” items: probably cleaning the hole in my office, and going through the items stashed in the kitchen. I’d love to unfold the rug today, but I don’t expect to get that far. Years ago, I bought this hand-loomed wool rug at a consignment store. I asked for the dimensions and carefully measured our living room, it fit, so I bought the rug.

The room was big enough, but the rug couldn’t go there. In between the air intake for the furnace and the hearth for the wood stove, the available floor space was NOT big enough. Folded in half, the rug fit in our dining room, which is where it’s been ever since. The dining room is a piece of the larger kitchen area. I’ve been waiting until the old dining room table was gone to spread it out, so I didn’t have to move 2 tables, chairs, two bookcases, a food processor cart, and a china cabinet. Now I’ll just have to move a china cabinet!

I need to finish primering the living room log walls (one largish piece of that remains). The walls I did yesterday can be sanded this afternoon and then the 2nd coat put on. But I think I’ll give myself a break from painting today. I quit yesterday when I got a headache and it didn’t go away if I stopped painting or being in the living room. I took 2 other breaks yesterday to try and stave off my inevitable reactions. This is why we’re using really expensive paint. I react almost instantly to home center paint. I managed several hours before I had to quit with this stuff. We’re using Farrow and Ball paints, if you’re interested.

I’m rotating between the areas requiring cleaning today: office, attic, kitchen.

office: removed everything from where the dresser was in the downstairs office/guest room (the guest room part is the long-term goal) and cleaned it. (9:33am) Still more sorting and cleaning. (10:44 am)

kitchen: sorted thru some papers and books (11:00 am)

attic: Removed 7 books and researched them. I’ve got 4 to go to the antique store, priced & tagged, 2 to be donated, and 1 to keep. (11:37 am) Removed another slug of books to research and added some hardware TO the attic from the office and kitchen boxes.(Had lunch too.) 12:40pm

After lunch I went to the farm and market to get our weekly food glut. Dinner and we watched a video. No more work!

2 responses to “So, Today

  1. Elizabeth Hofma

    Good work. I enjoy reading your progress.

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