Chore Status (as of 8/1/16)

Decided I need ONE place to track what the next step is in each location.

Living Room: Sand, clean, knot Sealer Living room wood walls are done! Primer (1st coat) all of the front wall, behind the hearth, hearth to back corner, small piece on kitchen wall, stair walls, room side, pantry/office wall, bath wall, closet wall, bookcase wall, kitchen wall, entry wall (all wall board). Sanding/Knot sealer: door trim: pantry, office, bath, closet, and stair rail. primer (2nd coat) : kitchen wall, oak wall, front wall, wallboard walls.  Final Paint: entire room, entry, stair piece and hall. Cull/clean: get chair  & fabric to Jeannie’s for reupholstery. Window replacement on north side. (long term) Sand and redo floor.

Kitchen: (Cull/clean) 2nd half of fridge, 2nd half of freezer, make freezer inventory.Get the boxes out of the way so you can pull the table out, get antique table out. Clean the marble table, move the sewing machine.Unfold the rug. Get the 2nd Hoosier into the kitchen. Get the new freezer in the kitchen. Sell the old smaller fridge. Dismantle the f’n 30 square foot counter and redo it to something saner!!! (long term) Pull the windows, put in the new wall and windows.

Laundry: (Cull/clean) clothes, backlog (again). (longterm) Get the switch thing set up so you don’t have to pull the dryer out anymore!

Bathroom: (Cull/Clean) corners, window, closet floor clear out. Mail or distribute presents.

Bedroom: (Cull/Clean) get couch downstairs. When reupholstered chair returns, put it here, not living room.

Attic: Get cabinets in there and stuff organized. First 4 cabinets are here now, need to get the space cleaned, and them placed in the attic, then stuffed with stuff, and clean the area for the next ones. Get the 2 base cabinets in there (or elsewhere) and the cabinet from the storage. Get the bookcases from office 1 into the attic. Get the bookcase boxes on top of the cabinets, when they fit.

Office 1: Get the first batch of craft supplies to the shop. Get the counter cleaned. Remove everything from the bookcases on the north wall and get the cases moved into the attic. Get dresser out of there for SIL to take home. Bring in the new dressers? Clean where the dresser was.

Office 2: Clear off the blue desk. Sell/cull items waiting for that.

Dining Room: Unfold the rug when the oak table is removed. Take down candlabra, sell. Paint china cabinet and relocate it and the 2 Hoosiers.

Storage: Get the table to the person who owns it. Remove the folding screen. Remove the 2nd Hoosier for the kitchen and cabinet for the attic.

Garden: Continue, finish and keep up the weeding, so that the weeds don’t take over the yard and next year’s vegetable garden is a disaster accordingly! [Worked on this 7/24-5]

Storage: Get at least 5 boxes out and deal with the stuff in them. Move to a smaller storage unit 10 x 20 instead of 10 x 30 which is what you have now.

Get the windows done. SR door panel 27.5 x 64,

Get the online and computer files cleaned out. (Drafts here = 51 as of 7/27, 50 as of 8/1)

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