Busy Weekend: Windup

My SIL and her kids arrived this weekend. She arrived to help us haul furniture and to take some home she’d bought (with us as her agent) and been given by us. This process isn’t done, yet, but nearly!

We had to:

  • get the old dining table to the antique store
  • pick up the desk chair which was there
  • pick up the cabinet from the storage
  • bring it to the house

furniture move

All that is done. What I have left to do this morning:

  • Empty the dresser done 9:11 am. Get it out of my office 9:43 a.m
  • Get it into the kitchen 9:43am so SIL can take it home.
  • Finish tying off the ends to the rug for one of the kids, so they can take it home — 9 more ends to go. Finished Monday 8.1
  • If I have time, take the last hank of the yarn used in the rug and make a pillow cover out of it.

Of course, all of this also generates more chores:

  • Clean the cabinet which came here from the storage.
  • Clean the hole in the office where the dresser was.
  • Clean the attic where the cabinet will go.
  • Put the cabinet in the attic.
  • Now that the table is gone from up against that wall, measure the windows between the kitchen and sunroom, figure out where they’re going. Remove them and use them to replace two other windows. Fill in where the windows were, install the side lights we bought for the purpose, hang the zinc windows in front of them.
  • Eventually, clean out the other 1/2 of the attic, so the entire thing is tidy!
  • Go thru all the stuff which was pulled from my office and the hall to pull the dresser out.

And of course, the paint the living room project needs to continue and be finished. . . .

It’s so nice to have a lazy summer . . .


On the PTSD front, how am I doing? I woke up both Sat and Sun nights at 2 am, panicked. Went back to sleep. Had an anxiety bout on Saturday morning. But I’m okay otherwise. Not too bad, considering that I’ve had 3 other people in the house, the house is a disaster and my SIL Is OCD and we’ve been moving things around , purging, culling, getting rid of and putting things up for sale, for 2 days now. Not too bad!








2 responses to “Busy Weekend: Windup

  1. And it’s pouring rain while you’re doing all this. Not bad, not bad at all! In fact, I think your stamina is much better than mine!

    Linda Tiernan Kepner http://www.lindatkepner.com

  2. Well, I don’t know how to compare. I don’t have a day job and you do, so I think we just call it even-steven. And so far this morning, the only thing I’ve managed to do is drink coffee, feed cats, and type!

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