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All but the 2 base cabinets are in the attic, 2 x 4s under them, shelves put in them and stuff put away in them. However, I’ve run out of “easy” space making in the attic. It’s very like the problem I’m facing in the kitchen and living room — things have been culled, the remaining stuff has been consolidated into tight piles. Nothing to remove and no where to go!

It was  90+ degrees here yesterday, I did NOT want to work in an unairconditioned attic! My helper came again. The two of us organized the appliance “user’s manuals” tossing those for things which are gone. Then we inventoried the freezer space. So that’s done. Huzzah! It isn’t much, and next to no one else will ever see that the binder is tidier or that I can tell what’s actually in the freezer, but it’s still progress. Also the smaller binder got replaced by a bigger one, from the attic. One more thing away — and another out of the attic and used!

What I did this morning (Sat.) was mostly get scared. I got out of bed, got to the bathroom sink and the room was swirling around — you would have thought I was drunk! I wasn’t. This continued for some time, off and on. Decided I’d best not go anywhere (we had planned to go out; DH went without me). He cut the 2 x 4s for the last upper cabinet. I got them in there, got the shelves in the cabinet, and put things away in the cabinet.

Aside from that, I haven’t done much. I’ve found some self-help books I want, and I’ve spent an hour or more looking at a pinterest board about history, which truly caught my attention. Pretty scary suddenly having dizzy spells. Not something I’ve ever done for any period of time before!

After lunch, we went to the market. Came back, I felt like I was coming down with a cold, all I wanted was to sleep, sniffly, etc. Took a bath. By the time I’d finished, my “cold” and sleepiness had disappeared. Weird. Weird day physically! Our guess is that I’d gotten something on my clothes in the attic, and I was wicked allergic to it. Dunno. Very strange day.

Day ended with me, out in the rain, calling for our “barn cat.” I could hear but not see her. She’d sheltered under our front step. She ran to under my car, where I delivered her dinner, which she ate. Then the rain abated and I went out with a towel and with much calling, finally got her to come to me, on the driveway, kneeling on the towel and she got dry from my petting her and her rubbing herself on the towel.

So, my hair’s soaked, my pant knees are too, and I need to change clothes. We’re going to watch a video. G’night!

I hope tomorrow is just boring — no world class thunderstorms, no torrential downpours, no weird dizziness, no “feel like I’ve come down with a really bad cold.” Just plain, old boring Sunday!






Is This Ever Done?

The house is a disaster. I’m missing my new, very expensive glasses. (Found 7:25pm) I need to do another stint in the attic before I can bring in the next cabinet, tonight. Also, bring up cabinet. Done! 9:45pm. (DH needs to cut 2 x 4s for underneath, but that’s it!) Done 7/23! You should have seen me, windmilling a 3′ wide cabinet up the 3′ wide stairs. I tried pulling — didn’t work. Was going to lift it one step at a time? Nope. Eventually, did 4 end-over-end windmills up the stairs. Had tied the doors shut. This required removing everything from the stairs, so the stairs are cleared and cleaned too.  (Also cleaned the section of the attic where the cabinet went, and the unsuccessful stair-step bookcase prototype is in the dump pile.)

Dinner is prefab Mexican Lasagna, again. I bought limes to make the other 1/2 the melon into more watermelon limeade. But. . . the living room painting hasn’t progressed. The lack of finished anything around here is getting to me. Except I did finish things today, but they were all in closets or not here, so I can’t see them.

Okay, here’s what did get FINISHED today:

  • The first batch of craft supplies was delivered and is out for sale.
  • The chair, the fabric which is ready (some of it isn’t) and the masking paper have been delivered to where the reupholstery project will get done.
  • The freezer cleaning was finished.
  • The fridge cleaning was finished.
  • The pantry cleaning was finished, and the shelves which hadn’t been culled have been.

The last 3 are the “closets.” I should feel like I’m getting somewhere, right? Nope it’s still a F’n mess.

I just realized I took my camera this morning and I’m not sure where THAT is either — Ack! Camera is definitely missing. Great. [Found 7/22, it had slipped under something in the car so I didn’t see it.]


You’d Think I Had a Job, or Something!

We’ve been eating “instant” food. Two reasons: 1)It’s HOT 2)It’s HOTTER in the attic and 3)If I’m dealing with filthy stuff I don’t want to then go downstairs and make an involved dinner.

Tonight’s dinner was nachos, sort of. Zapped the refries and put the crock on the table along with the salsa, grated cheese and chips. We constructed our own on our plate. We had salad (of course) but with no dressing (we’re out and haven’t made any more). We had watermelon limeade to drink and that was the most elaborate thing about dinner. Buzzed 1/2 a watermelon, strained it. Zapped 2 limes 10 seconds. added theit juice to the watermelon juice with a squirt of agave syrup. It was good, but that was the most involved part of dinner.

Aside from the attic work this morning, I delivered the desk chair to the antique store (yeah — sold a rug!) then stopped off at the storage to drop off/pick up pieces. Came home and made a quick dump run. Then I  “made” dinner and worked in the attic afterwards.

I need one more session in the attic before we can get the next batch o’ cabinets in there, tomorrow. Tomorrow a.m., I have to move things around in the living room, so I can get the chair to be reupholstered out — it’s going to the new store.

For some reason . . . I’m tired!


And So It Goes. . .

I’ve worked in the attic again this morning. Pulled out the bundled window grids from who knows when? The original idea of course was that we keep them for future owners and/or replacing what we have. (I talked about the window grids and why I removed them (here).) They’re in a kindling bucket. Those windows need to be replaced and we haven’t used a one of these grids, ever. On the other hand, kindling is useful and they have no varnish or other protective goo on them.

We pulled some things out last night — the obvious trash. I’ve got things organized so I can get in the attic this afternoon and make more space for the next batch o’ cabinets. As we continue this, the attic will become more organized, and I guess the trash pile will continue to grow. Today is dump day, so the trash pile will be depleted this evening.

My car is full of pieces to go to the antique store, that’s my priority this morning. After the car is emptied and I return home, it will be time to go to the dump.

And so it goes, and goes and goes . . .


Keeping & Culling: as It Goes

We went to an auction not too long ago. In the process I’ve now got two of a few long-term keep items. One of them was given to me as a gift and we’ll give the gifted piece to a local teacher/speciality school where it can be used. (And because it was a gift, no, I won’t talk about what it is or what we got to replace it!)

The second was a sewing machine. I have an old steel “portable” Singer in a case. It’s solid steel I paid $20 for it, right after we got to this area. Then I took it to a sewing/vac shop and had it “reconditioned” and it has been running fine, ever since. Except that it doesn’t do anything fancy and has a hard time with almost anything thicker than regular cotton.

So at the auction we bought a Morse 600 sewing machine, “portable” in a case. If anything it’s bigger and heavier than the Singer, but these were used for commercial sewing frequently and are known to be heavier duty than most Singers of the same era. The sewing/vac place still exists, so the Morse was hauled over there. The cost was prohibitive, so we decided to do much of the work ourselves.

There’s a box of attachments for the Morse, I just have to find out what they were for/how to use them. I didn’t have any attachments for the Singer.

The third item is a carbon steel cleaver. I didn’t have a cleaver. We had a chopping blade DH got overseas when he was in the service, that sold this month. The chopping knife was impractical for actual use! Lo and behold, a week, two? after it sold, one of my fave sources had this lot of 4 knives. Two I’ll sell, but two I’ll keep. If even one of the for sale knives sells, it will pay for the two I kept and the lot — my favorite type of deal!

So, yes, we’re buying things, but we’re also culling as we go. When  a new item is an upgrade for something we already own, it’s kept and the other sold or donated. This doesn’t reduce the amount of “stuff” in the house. It does, however, mean that we’re more likely to take care of the items because we value them. I’m all about getting things which will endure and are functional, rather than putting up with whatever I can afford, which is what I did years past. At this point, I’d rather do without than have junk.




More Merry-Go-Round Chores

The wall over/under the window and behind the hearth has been cleaned and knot sealed. Tomorrow I can put the first coat of primer on it. The next day it gets sanded. Then it gets primed again. The next day it gets sanded the 2nd time.

The next piece of the living room  wall is truly inaccessible. It’s behind the roll flooring (remember that? I bought it two weeks ago) and the large oak (it’s on wheels) flat file. There’s a major piece of equipment  and a metal sculpture there too, but the equipment is made to move and the other hangs on the wall.

The problem isn’t moving this stuff. The roll flooring can be moved with a dolly. It’s that there’s nowhere to move it to. The center of the room is already filled with furniture, books, misc. pieces from the living room teardown/painting already in process.

However, I’m determined to get the living room painted, and before the middle of August. I want to put it together, the way it’s supposed to be by or before Labor Day. Some of that is in progress  — the chair being reupholstered starting next week, for example. Removing the chair will create a hole in the island of stuff in the middle of the room, but not enough.

The sculpture has a designated new location, which was cleared months ago. It just needs to be taken down, cleaned, the wall where it’s going dusted and then the piece put up. That wall is only partly wood, so not all of it needs the extra step of knot sealing before the primer.

Today we got the next 2 pieces of the log wall sanded, cleaned, and knot sealed. Also today, DH made the pull out shelf he was going to — works great! And otherwise? We cooked, cleaned some, went to the dump and I have a box of books to be mailed to a friend, tomorrow probably. Those books and the books I decided to take to the antique store completely emptied a box which was hiding in my office. [That’s effectively 2 linear feet of book shelves I will NOT need. Hurrah!]

Getting It Done . . .

I found and then bought incredible fabric this week. It looks like this:

kaffee fassett flowers

It’s not cheap. I would love a bedspread made of this stuff, but unless something really surprising happens, that won’t happen, too expensive. We have an umbra duvet, which we got years ago on last markdown sale at BB & B, the only way we could afford it. Works great in winter; we don’t use a duvet in summer.

So, okay. Accent wall – right? Hang a length of the fabric on a wall to be spectacular. Look on pinterest. And do you know what most accent walls on pinterest are? Horizontal wooden planks.


Excuse me for the outburst.

Okay, so I’m bucking a trend — nothing new. A wall of horizontal planking isn’t an accent wall here; it IS the wall.

This doesn’t help me figure out what to do with my spectacular fabric. I guess it goes into the “tbd” pile. The “to be determined” pile is getting pretty big! There’s asst. things for carrying stuff, accent pieces, and a silk rug (yes, silk, I got it used. Oddly enough, its colors work with the fabric. Except of course that isn’t odd at all, as I like what I like.)

The other fabric I’m in love with isn’t as expensive or colorful, but I like it just as much. It looks like this:

kaufman doe mismatch stripe

It isn’t cheap either, no bedspread. I’ll break down and buy some no doubt, but I haven’t decided for what/how much.

(Both photos came from I bought the fabric at a local indy shop.)

Yesterday, I had lunch with a friend before I bought the fabric. Then I went antiquing, ending up at one of my former boss’s fave stores.

I was looking for inspiration. I found one thing I would have bought, if there’d been two of them, on the way home, but there was only 1, so I abstained. The project needs two or an alternate design and I wanted to talk to DH before I dove into yet another project — we have too many now.

Getting ready for one of the next moves means cleaning another area of the kitchen. Starting that, I discovered the large lot of mixed hardware, from the parts drawers we’ve bought over the years. Some of it should get altered (upcycled if you will) into new things. The odd bits can for the dump has a thick layer of screws and nuts in it — to go today. About a double fistful. If I was still counting, it would be wonderful, each screw would be one item — but I didn’t count!

More progress, slow, but steady.

DH is emptying the kitchen space he uses for hobby supplies. That meant moving his cabinet, and underneath that was a mess of dust bunnies and other archeological finds. The floor needed to be cleaned, and was.

There are three “boat anchors” in the house, actually pieces of furniture, hiding in corners:

  1. Our old oak table, antique, British, needs work, won’t fit in the back of the wagon, only on top. It’s in the kitchen. If we really dive into the kitchen cleaning, we may be able to weasel it out of the corner. It needs to be cleaned and then delivered to the antique shop.
  2. The couch, in our bedroom, needs to go to the living room. Blocked in by boxes ‘o stuff and even if it wasn’t, I can’t get it down the stairs by myself.
  3. The “daddy chair” which needs reupholstering. It’s moving out next Thursday to the friend’s shop where she’ll help me get it done. Yay!!!

So, the new cabinet is set up. A reveal happened where it’s located (old term from when I was counting). The old cabinet is on the lawn, awaiting cleaning. (Put aside for the moment, cleaned.) We’ll see if the new one works the way it’s supposed to in the next day or so. (24 hours later — so far so good!) If so, the new space will be shared between us, DH’s supplies will go back into it and I get to use the rest. (His stuff is back in there; we’ll see if I get the rest of the space, soon!)

I need my sewing machine! The old one works, mostly, but it’s frustrating to use. The new one needs its refurbishing finished. Either we need to buy parts and do the repairs, or we need to take it to the sewing/vac place and let them do it. Either way, the new machine isn’t usable, and I wish it was! I may move my old one elsewhere to see if that solves some of the problems, mostly related to how dark this house is.

The house is so dark even with the lights on that DH asked me this morning, “Were Al & Beth vampires?” (The people who built the house.) Lighting the place adequately has been an issue since we moved in. It’s on the long-term Fix it! list.