Next section of the living room wall is available. The only real question now is whether I do only that  or move an additional smallish chunk ‘o stuff first, then move the flat file — and access the entire remaining piece which needs knot sealer. It’s tempting to only do the piece we uncovered earlier today by shifting things, but I think I’ll wait till I can move the flat file (it’s 6′ tall and 5’ wide, and on wheels). All of the living room’s log walls are at least cleaned, sanded and then cleaned for the second time (tack clothed) 8:46pm.

Then I can do the actual priming and sanding, first coat.

Some of DH’s family are coming to visit. They’re going to pick up furniture. Hopefully they’ll help us get the table out of here, the cabinet out of the storage to here and also take the dresser and table they’re coming for. That will be hugely helpful! I keep trying to institute a “rotating work week/end” thing among the relatives. Two of them live in the midwest. I’d gladly spend a week out there helping one or both of them doing maintenance and house chores, like painting or yard work, or . . . and I’d like the same in return.

They already do that, to some extent. Well, one of them helps the other. Not sure if it ever happens the other way. . . .

If the dresser is leaving my office, that means that I can get the dressers which are supposed to replace our double dresser painted and maybe in the house? Maybe? One of them is in the wood shed, the other is in the storage.

In order to deal with the cabinet coming here from the storage and into the attic, I’d need to clean up the entire attic — yesterday, or maybe the day before would have been good. (Tomorrow I’m working for someone else.)

Today my helper was here and we caught up. Folded the laundry which hadn’t gotten put away, he taped the trim on the space which is ready for paint, and he dried dishes while I washed. I put them away. All catch up, but necessary.

I also felted a blanket, but that’s another blog.

We had salad and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. The salad was romaine and argula for greens, I’m proud to say that we’ve eaten up all the bok choy, mustard greens, etc. Usually, by this time of year there’s a mountain of green slimy ick on one shelf of my fridge. This year, not. WIN!!! Between working at this, and drying things I am NOT tossing food like I have in years past. I found 1 bag of spinach which needed to join the compost heap and a bag of herbs — that’s it. As I said, by this time of the summer, there’s usually far too much green slime in my fridge.

The dinner dishes are done. I’ve learned that if I leave a mountain of dishes to do after dinner — I won’t. But if I can manage to clean enough before we sit down that all I have is the last of the cooking and eating things to clean? Yep, I’ll do those.

A lot of this dehoarding stuff is learning a new mindfulness. I always thought I’d just know what needed to happen, when. Not so. I ate my cheese sandwich and when I was done, reached for the big salad bowl to get some — and put it on the plate I’d eaten my sandwich from. Before it never would have occurred to me that by doing that I’d have one less dish to wash, it just wasn’t on  my radar.

It’s more of the “adulthood” con job I think? As a kid I always thought that adults and some other kids just “got it” and I didn’t. That adulthood would be conveyed to me at some magical age — 17 was the number for many years. I was really disappointed at 17 and later when I realized there was no magical transformation into adulthood.

Since, I’ve discovered the secret, it’s that con job. As you get to be an adult, you get better (hopefully) about learning what you’re likely to forget/not do/need to do and how to compensate. To do lists, calendars, alarm clocks, whatever.

As I’ve aged, I’ve gotten much better about such things. I rarely really lose my keys these days, or wallet, or am late to an appointment, etc. I did all of those, fairly regularly, as a kid and young adult. But the housekeeping has always been beyond me because of the panic.

The secret to a clean house seems to be consistency (or repetition) and mindfulness.I get to learn how a whole new set of the secret adult “cheats”!





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