Today’s Plan

Well, I was going to make cardamon buns (see BBC’s good food site). I haven’t started, so the chances of that happening are decreasing, rapidly!

We need to go to the storage, with a tape measure and writing implements in hand. There’s a cabinet (about 2″ too wide to fit INSIDE my wagon) which I bought for the attic. There’s also the 2nd Hoosier cabinet, purchased for the revised kitchen.

With measurements in hand, I can determine what will go where. (Attic cabinet measurements and attic measured for it, done! 6:19pm) And, if we manage to get both cabinets out of the storage this summer, that with all the other things we’ve purged, will probably let us move the remaining furniture and books to a smaller unit, which will save us $, every month.

The major steps remaining of the house revision (except the neverending culling and cleaning) are:

  • Finish knot sealing, priming, painting the living room.
  • Get the cabinet into the attic from the storage.
  • Get the table from the kitchen and its leaves sold. (Leaves have been taken from the attic and are in the kitchen.)
  • Get the wooden floor cleaned, sanded and finished.
  • Get the windows out of the kitchen into the living room. (Long story, another day.) which will allow us to do the next step, below.
  • Get the sidelight window and zinc windows in the kitchen (part of the great kitchen move)

I have decided again, alas, that I pretty much HAVE to sell my wrought iron candlabra. I love it dearly but there’s nowhere to put it, except where it is. (It screws to the wall.) It’s too big to really work there, and there’s a limited number of walls in this house where it could fit. Wall space is at a premium, since our household is comprised of people who’re photographers, artists and book collectors, which means there’s enough artwork and books to cover every wall in the house with art or bookcases, at least 2 or 3 times.

I know I’ll make money if I sell it, I got it ridiculously cheap. But I didn’t buy it for resale, I bought it because I loved it and instead of the high price I expected, it was cheap; I snatched it up! It’s just too big, sigh. If it was 36″ across instead of 45″, it would be much easier. I keep deciding to sell it, then finding another possible “answer,” and then reluctantly admitting the new idea won’t work. . . .

I’m off to go get a bowl of cereal, my last cup of coffee and begin my day.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


2 responses to “Today’s Plan

  1. Your energy never ceases to amaze me. I can completely identify with books as I am unable to part with any. I was gifted with a Nook HD but I like the feel of books in my hand hence I put my recipes on the Nook.
    Last year I was on a cardamon kick! I made many types of breads such as orange cardamon etc. What a wonderful spice!

    • I love cardamon too. Also cumin for some reason is an absolute fave. Veggie curry with lots of cumin — yum!

      Energy? I don’t know that it’s energy. It’s actually more like 50+ years of being unable to do things in any concerted way. You could say I’ve been saving it up? Also, since I am used to being stopped cold by panic attacks, I learned to dive in, head first, to take advantage of whatever time I had before the panic set in. I used to go like this for a day or two, or maybe a week, then I’d panic/freak out and stop cold.

      I tried all sorts of cleaning plans, my own and other people’s. I tried cleaning products. I gave myself “to do” lists. I tried bullet journals, yada yada. In 40+ years of adulthood, I tried almost everything I could think of — and nothing worked — including the counting which was the origin of this blog! 🙂

      In fact, I am still waiting for that other shoe to fall, but determined to make the most of my productive time. Cold stops me too, to some extent. I grew up without winters, and during winter I fight off seasonal depression — not much cleaning, culling and reorganization happens then. I read and cook a lot. The dishes and laundry get done, mostly. . . .

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