Is This Ever Done?

The house is a disaster. I’m missing my new, very expensive glasses. (Found 7:25pm) I need to do another stint in the attic before I can bring in the next cabinet, tonight. Also, bring up cabinet. Done! 9:45pm. (DH needs to cut 2 x 4s for underneath, but that’s it!) Done 7/23! You should have seen me, windmilling a 3′ wide cabinet up the 3′ wide stairs. I tried pulling — didn’t work. Was going to lift it one step at a time? Nope. Eventually, did 4 end-over-end windmills up the stairs. Had tied the doors shut. This required removing everything from the stairs, so the stairs are cleared and cleaned too.  (Also cleaned the section of the attic where the cabinet went, and the unsuccessful stair-step bookcase prototype is in the dump pile.)

Dinner is prefab Mexican Lasagna, again. I bought limes to make the other 1/2 the melon into more watermelon limeade. But. . . the living room painting hasn’t progressed. The lack of finished anything around here is getting to me. Except I did finish things today, but they were all in closets or not here, so I can’t see them.

Okay, here’s what did get FINISHED today:

  • The first batch of craft supplies was delivered and is out for sale.
  • The chair, the fabric which is ready (some of it isn’t) and the masking paper have been delivered to where the reupholstery project will get done.
  • The freezer cleaning was finished.
  • The fridge cleaning was finished.
  • The pantry cleaning was finished, and the shelves which hadn’t been culled have been.

The last 3 are the “closets.” I should feel like I’m getting somewhere, right? Nope it’s still a F’n mess.

I just realized I took my camera this morning and I’m not sure where THAT is either — Ack! Camera is definitely missing. Great. [Found 7/22, it had slipped under something in the car so I didn’t see it.]



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