You’d Think I Had a Job, or Something!

We’ve been eating “instant” food. Two reasons: 1)It’s HOT 2)It’s HOTTER in the attic and 3)If I’m dealing with filthy stuff I don’t want to then go downstairs and make an involved dinner.

Tonight’s dinner was nachos, sort of. Zapped the refries and put the crock on the table along with the salsa, grated cheese and chips. We constructed our own on our plate. We had salad (of course) but with no dressing (we’re out and haven’t made any more). We had watermelon limeade to drink and that was the most elaborate thing about dinner. Buzzed 1/2 a watermelon, strained it. Zapped 2 limes 10 seconds. added theit juice to the watermelon juice with a squirt of agave syrup. It was good, but that was the most involved part of dinner.

Aside from the attic work this morning, I delivered the desk chair to the antique store (yeah — sold a rug!) then stopped off at the storage to drop off/pick up pieces. Came home and made a quick dump run. Then I  “made” dinner and worked in the attic afterwards.

I need one more session in the attic before we can get the next batch o’ cabinets in there, tomorrow. Tomorrow a.m., I have to move things around in the living room, so I can get the chair to be reupholstered out — it’s going to the new store.

For some reason . . . I’m tired!



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