Tues. – Thurs.


Cleared and cleaned the fridge Tuesday morning, or 1/2 of it anyway. There’s more food coming from the farm in the afternoon, so this was in preparation for that. The freezer space also got worked on, but not by myself.

Need to eat lunch then go to the farm for this week’s food! The dump is tomorrow, cleaning out the fridge on Tues. has been a long-time goal of mine. Glad that I finally got started on it. After I finish the other 1/2, the idea is that I do some of this every Tues. I have no idea how well I’ll do with that, we’ll see!


Got up this morning and worked on knitting project and drying food. Haven’t touched the other 1/2 of the fridge, yet.

Took the tick-tock clock to the clock guy. Took the scrap metal to the scrap metal yard. Went to two thrift shops and three antique stores. Bought another basket for out of season bedding. This one has no lid but is the almost the exact size of the top of the wardrobe. Unfortunately, this displaces the lidded basket I’d bought a couple of weeks ago for pillows.

So that basket now needed a new home. The obvious one is in the double closet. There’s no room, of course, because there’s a stack of books in there and 2 boxes of books. Started going thru the books with the idea of culling most of them. The first ten, which are outs, are in DH’s car, to be donated to the first book bin we find.


The cat was “talking’ to me while I was in the bathroom. I thought she was trying to hurry breakfast and ignored her. Went downstairs, did my early-morning routine. Came back to start work on the computer, but hadn’t gone into the office.

Realized I hadn’t seen the cat? Called. Got one pathetic Meeeeow? Still couldn’t see her. Thought she’d done something awful (she’s gotten herself wrapped up in the miniblind cords, for example) and while looking for her, opened the office door — and this streak came tearing out! She’d been there all night. Much affection and many passages in and out of the office, I guess to reassure herself that free egress had been restored. She’s sitting in the office window, watching the early morning bird show, so except for breakfast being a bit late, all is apparently all right in her world!

I realized I had > 60 “drafts” here and should cull them down. I’ve just done that. The more obvious culls got it down to 55. I need to do this, again, soon, but it’s a start! Not only do I have to cull the physical crapola, the emotional crapola, but I have to cull the digital crapola too — sigh. Will I actually ever get to where I’m not drowning in excess things so I can just DO something? I wonder sometimes.

Worked on the knitting project. Worked on the basket/closet reorganization. Culled more books for immediate donation. Had breakfast. Readied the living room for more sanding, knot sealing, and priming. Got the next batch of food in the dehydrator, started sanding the wall. Researched submitting a piece to a publication. Went thru about 1/2 of another box of books and continued with the extra bedding storage project.

It’s 4 minutes of noon. What I get done, or don’t will have to wait until after lunch. DH is stuck on a conference call until 1, so I have be a waitress and bring him lunch today.

Have a good one!


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