Stew didn’t get made. I think we had sandwiches, I know we bought bread.

My car didn’t pass inspection. The floor is rotted in 2 places, the frame too. I find out tomorrow from our friend/body guy how much it will cost to fix it; if it’s fixable. Buying a new car wasn’t in our plans this week, or next, or the one after that. This may change — quickly!

On the way home up from the garage, coming the hill a bird committed kamikaze right into my front bumper. Made me cry. It was either a very young bird learning to fly (erratic) or a wounded bird (erratic). I think it was a youngster. But all I knew was all of a sudden there was this small bird doing loop D loops in front of me. Didn’t even hear or feel it hit, but it was lying in the road, in a bad place and another car was coming in the other direction, and I was crying by then and had to pay attention to what I was doing, and. . . .

The chimney gets swept tomorrow. Hopefully, no disasters there. We replaced the stove, put in a new hearth, new insulated pipe and had work done on the chimney — last year.

So, life goes on. There’s a moth in the office and the cat. I’m going to shut off my monitor and the light — hopefully nothing will get broken!





2 responses to “Disasters

  1. So sorry yesterday was so rough for you. It seems that when something goes awry it multiplies rapidly. I was on pins and needles last month when my car went for inspection and was thrilled when it passed as a new one isn’t in my budget either. Theoretically I could swing it (I think) but in the state where I currently reside, the way they do registrations/vehicle tax is infuriating. You must bring in the window sticker and even if the MSRP is 30k, but with down payment, trade in and wheeling & dealing you buy car for 19K, you still pay based on 30k. In essence, the first year you pay well over $1,300 to register. Each year it goes down slightly. I’m bottomed out at $218/year with I still find infuriating.
    Having the bird run into your vehicle IS upsetting I know. I had a cat run out of the woods when I was 17. He ran right under my car and thud; 35 years later I still remember it.
    At least chimney and heart are good to go! No worry about winter heat right?

    • The stove and hearth passed with no problems, which was good, considering we’d spent a lot of time and money on both last year. We got perfect marks on the equipment part and the inspector said the chimney was clean and we’d done well that way too!

      The car will be $300 to fix from the body guy. He didn’t think it was the disaster the fellow inspecting it did. We’ll schedule it to be reinspected Monday (or Tues. if the guy doesn’t work Mondays) next week. It should pass.

      The bird I really know it’s out of my control, but it still upsets me. Came home after that and called for our “barn cat,” a used to be feral cat we’re slowly taming.

      She’s really spooky about other people. We’ve been feeding her since last October. Slowly but surely she’s teaching us what is and is not okay with her and we’re slowly teaching her that we won’t hurt her. It’s a slow process. I needed to remember after that bird that sometimes I help people and creatures rejoice in life, again.

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