Yesterday & Today

Yesterday I did do the general straightening I mentioned, but something else got done here — the bulk of the lettuce, kale, spinach, green onions, argula, etc. which makes my fridge look like it’s been hit by a green, leafy bomb this time of year –mostly got dealt with. My plan this year is to preserve a lot of it, by drying, then use it in the winter for soups and seasoning.

My helper came yesterday and chopped green stuff for a few hours. I have packages of still leafy greens to use fresh and others which have been separated into stems/leaves and rough chopped to dry. All the trays are being used. As is the mostly useless 3rd rack in my oven. It’s packed!

We need to make bread today, so the drying effort will be replaced for a while with bread proofing and baking, but the nice thing about drying leaves is that it takes very little time, unlike cherries, for example.

I want to get all these leaves dried so that when I get another batch, I’ll be caught up. This happens every spring. The CSA the first week or two is easy to keep up with, by weeks 4-5, I’m drowning in food, and it starts to go bad before I deal with it. I’m determined that isn’t going to happen this year!

Other plans this weekend: finish the first coat (at least) where I’ve got the knot sealer. The living room needs to be cleaned; the chimney sweep is coming Tuesday!

The rat wheel has gone into high gear! This rat needs to go DO something rather than talk about it. :*D




2 responses to “Yesterday & Today

  1. I didn’t know you could dry such things! I love the idea of growing and preserving your own food, and the bread – yay! My own efforts yesterday were… ‘sowing’ some cress seeds on a saucer, lol!

    • The stems are harder to have do well than the leaves. They tend to just turn to brown sticks — ug. Edible podded peas don’t seem to do well either, or basil. I’ve salted basil before; it’s amazing. You brush the salt off and the leaves have the same taste explosion as fresh basil. So the remaining basil will be salted. I also was told that is the best way to preserve grape leaves (We have 3? wild grape vines in the yard, might as well use the resource.) I’ve never sowed cress. I keep buying the seeds and not doing it LOL.

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