Solids vs. Patterns

I have for years bought almost exclusively solid colored clothing. Why?

Because I was reading one of those “capsule” dressing books and it said that colors go out of style much slower than patterns do. That made sense to me, and in the 10 years or so since, I almost never buy or wear patterned clothes. (There are exceptions, but they’re just that, exceptions.)

I have adopted the same strategy at the house, basically. I have decided that I will use classic patterns (plaid, stripes, dots, gingham checks) and solid colors. My personal favorite type of plaid is what I call a thick & thin plaid, like this rug from Dash & Albert:


which they call tattersall. I’m probably wrong, but who cares? Anyway, that’s my favorite kind of plaid. Almost all my tablecloths are that type of plaid, if more colorful than the Dash & Albert rug.

I have a boatload of colors I want to use for the house, but intend to use black and white to anchor the entire thing, like with the rug, my current favorite for the stairs.  I just have to figure out how long it needs to be. . . .

Also, I inherited a bunch of Black and White scotch crates. They look like this one at the National Museum of American History:




Although mine aren’t in as good shape, not museum quality — but the price was right.

This is the way I’m going, decorating-wise. We’ll see how it all works out.

I’m not likely to be making or buying something like Mackenzie Childs’ work, but it definitely is an inspiration I drew from. Don’t know her work? Much of it looks like this:


Although her new line doesn’t seem to have any b & w checks anywhere. Also being married to someone who takes lots of pictures, usually black and white, had something to do with my color scheme choices too.

Not sure how this will work out.

Curious why I’m focusing on these details before the house is clean?

It’s the only part of the house clean/purge/redecorate I enjoy. So, it’s my carrot for doing the hard work I don’t enjoy.





4 responses to “Solids vs. Patterns

  1. I love your design ideas! The black and white to anchor any colors that you choose. And those crates, they are awesome! I’m leaning towards more “primitive” decorating again. Feels so warm and comfy! Hope all is well.

  2. This really resonated with me for I also love solid colored clothing. Sometimes when a family member vacations they gift me with a tee shirt that has a scene accompanied by words. I accept it gladly because it means they thought of me but I usually don’t wear them and if I do its only in the hose. I don’t relish strolling through the market with “Joes Bar & Grill” splashed across my chest. I’m a huge fan of the color black, followed by black & white then grey. I actually think I must have been one (if not the first) of the original “goths’ before being goth was a a culture because I developed a taste for it while in my teen and it’s stayed with me all these years. When I wear nail polish I wear black. My dear and much younger friend who attends the same church was horrified when she saw me enter wearing black nail polish. She acted as if I was a heretic till I finally whispered “What? Doesn’t God like black?” What a chuckle I got from the expression on her face. But loving black or a combination thereof comes with a caveat; it shows every minute speck and when one owns (2) large German Shepherd dogs ~ well you can imagine. I joke that I should have bought stock in 3M, the company that manufactures those sticky rollers which grace every room in my home as well as every purse or daypack I use.
    All joking aside though i am envious of your color scheme as it looks delightful. And the crates are to die for! Quite envious over here…

  3. I’m not fond of being a walking billboard either. I think the “name brand/logo” thing in clothes is one of the greatest advertising coups in history. They get you to wear advertising for them and pay a premium for it? Right! I’m just about the only person I know who will buy a coach bag (leather ones, without all the Cs) and take the tag off.

    I hear you sister!

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