Yesterday & Today

I removed, culled, cleaned and replaced the room divider boxes for the dining room. I also worked a little on the front storm door and the two brown outdoor chairs and the cleaning plan.

I’m left with the part that has me overwhelmed today, the stuff piled up under the counter, on the floor below the counter where the room divider boxes sit. There is not only too much stuff in the room I’m clearing, but there’s NOWHERE to put the stuff I want to keep that’s cluttering up the space.

There are three categories of stuff that I know of still stashed in the dining room: the hand wash which my helper and I bagged up 2 weeks ago, craft supplies, and boxes of books.

The only inspiration I’ve had about the book boxes is to make a rough guess as to how many shelves the new large bookcase will have and its linear capacity. Then figure out many boxes of books that means I can keep. If I do that, then I can figure how many boxes of books I can keep, and how many to cull. I’ll be using my own technique for estimation, just doing it backwards, approx. liner footage = how many books I can keep. See (link) if you’ve forgotten what I’m referring to. Meanwhile, I keep moving the boxes of books  around, which is just nuts — and overwhelming.

Added info: The tomato boxes I prefer for hardcover/trade storage hold approx 1.5 linear feet of books per box. An egg box, my preference for mass market paperbacks, holds approx. 4.5 linear feet of books per box. (1:4o p.m.)

The other main category of “stuff” parked in the dining room is craft supplies. Hopefully, some of that congestion will start to be eased when I finally (yes really!) get to move things into the new booth — Thursday this week. Finally! Just heard from the woman who owns that shop, she wants me to hold off for 2 weeks,  pending her SBA loan. If she gets it; things go as planned. If not, then we’ll see. Pfui! (10:00 a.m.)

But the empty space the first cut at the great craft supply shift created has already been used up. The stuff was moved to the storage a week or two ago — so no joy for the dining room congestion, right now.

To get more room, I could take the new items and what I know is set aside and pack the car. That will relieve the congestion, for a moment or two in the house/dining room.

And I guess this is what I have to do today: estimate shelving, then figure quantity of books I can keep, by the box. Also pack the car with the craft supplies which are currently cluttering up the dining room and kitchen area to take to the storage tomorrow.

In between there, just to do something different, I’ll probably work some more at returning the laundry room to where it was and on the storm door.

Other news re decongestion of stuff: a family member is likely coming sometime this summer to get a dresser, the coffee table, and a few other odds & ends. The dresser will create space  in my office, which will be most welcome. If two people come, then we can probably get the table out of the kitchen to the antique store, [Done!] which will create a hole there as well. (That’s in the next part of the kitchen I need to tackle, after the dining room.)

The road goes ever on . . . .




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