What I Did Today

I put the crafting supplies in the car, the priced books in the car and 3 boxes of books, which aren’t priced. but marked “outs” to go to the storage are also in the car.

Not sure what I’ll do if the new shop space (for craft supplies)  doesn’t work out, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it. Maybe rent a 2nd space at the antique shop?

So, the second room has been almost completely cleaned. I need to vac the rug, get the ceiling and clean the light, but that’s it. The largest pieces of the cleaning and culling have been done: the china cabinet, the bookcase, the box room divider, under the counter. All have been culled, cleaned and straightened out. The only things placed in them are things which will STAY there.

I started going through the boxes of books stored behind the china cabinet today too. That’s where the 3 boxes of books came from.

DH and I had a discussion about figuring out the going-to-be bookcase’s size, so I know how many boxes of books I get to keep.

I also cleaned one of my favorite fans, it’s a hassock fan. I guess they aren’t currently made, but it works really well. It would however, be hard to keep tiny fingers out of the fan itself, so I guess I understand why they aren’t used any more. The fan pulls cold air from the floor up and then pushes it into the room. No refrigeration required.

Mine looks like this, but it’s brown.

emerson hassock fan via pinterest

Need to go finish up and make dinner (salad and watermelon sorbet, I think).

Happy summer!



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