So I made a List

of what had to be done, everywhere in the house. The goal has been for a long time to “deep clean” the house 2x a year, rotating my way thru the house.

The two biggest categories of things to assess, clean, maintain, cull, repair or replace are the stuff which floats loose around the room (boxed and not) and the structure itself: walls, windows, doors, floors and ceilings.

Been working on that.

→The laundry room is done!

(Well the structure of the laundry room is done.)

checklist for checklits, google images

But it’s definite progress. I now have a list, my time line is really open-ended so it doesn’t lean on the PTSD. I’d like to clean all these things once every 6 months.

What I wrote down about the laundry room was that it was done, in June — that’s it. I know from previous attempts at this that if I start tracking things daily my PTSD will start screaming. I broke the tasks down by day of the week, but that’s a suggestion rather than a mandate. I have tried to organize, categorize, order, whatever you want to call it, a cleaning system for quite some time, with no success. So, loose, open-ended, list of what needs to be cleaned, and that’s it. Hopefully, this will work!


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