Dining Room Progress and Not

The bookcase next to the table has been completely emptied, culled, cleaned, pulled away from the wall, the wall/floor cleaned and everything replaced, newly cleaned and organized.

The china cabinet has been reorganized and its contents are clean, but the cabinet itself needs to be cleaned.

Sounds great, right? Yes, it is, but it’s crunch time.

In/around the dining room area were/are boxes o’ stuff. Things to keep, things to sell, things to toss.

Just overwhelming.

Some of that was dealt with yesterday (a box of papers for example, a box of clothes too) but there is still the other entire side of the room to do: the room divider boxes, the storage under the counter, and all the STUFF stacked up near there.


I have clothes to sell, stuff to give away, things to donate, the dump bins are full, and there’s cardboard to recycle. Lots of things to go away in one form or the other, but it’s a disaster.

The other big problem? The box of clothing made a mess of the laundry room too.

laundry pile

So, I now have 1/2 the dining room to get back to clean, the other half to clean/cull, etc. and the laundry room to return to its previous clean state.



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