Jam or Syrup?

I made the apricot jam, or apricot syrup — we’ll find out when it cools. If I cooked it enough, there will be jam. If not? Syrup.

Also I vacuumed the rug which hangs on the laundry room door. It’s just after 9 a.m., so that’s not bad for a morning’s work. The kitchen sink is stuffed FULL of dishes to wash, and that’s my next job. But I decided that I deserved a chance to sit down after standing over jam-in-the-making for the past hour or so.

I cleaned/styled the top of the dining room bookcase.

Dishes got washed. DH and I talked about plans for the wild grape structure — pergola? tresllis? arbor? wood bin? Haven’t decided, yet.

I’m off to go to work. Later! 1050a

Left shortly after I wrote the above to work for someone else. Did that. Went to the CSA and picked up food, went to the market for the weekly shopping. Came home, made dinner (vegetable “goulash,” well, stir fry). DH cooked rice, I prepped a mountain of greens and other veggies. We ate.

It’s jam. Both jars can be inverted upside down and no dripping. Nada. I have now made jam, something I’d never done before !

apricot jam from google images


2 responses to “Jam or Syrup?

  1. love jam!

  2. Me too! My experience (marmalade and now apricot jam) tells me that what you pay for at the market isn’t necessarily difficult cooking, but that it takes a long time! Hope you and yours are well and the new career is keeping you busy!

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