Been Finding Ways

I’m working on the table now. There’s a bookcase next to it (of course) and a set of shelves which is a room divider, that holds cooking equipment, mostly, but also has a few books in it (Surprise!).

The “dining room” is a corner of my kitchen. This is the next area I’m cleaning. I did the cat bench/rug on the wall. They share the laundry room wall. Next I’m going to tackle the windowed area, the bookcase beneath and the china cabinet which acts as a room divider on the other side. I’ve already begun that effort, but of course I have a lot more to do.

The table has been pulled out from the wall, preparatory to pulling everything off the bookcase, pulling the bookcase away from the wall, cleaning each and everything and putting it back.

The ways I’ve been finding is that as I go, I’m creating parking places for the things I want to keep – china, crafting items, whatever it is. When I went to style the bookcase, I used some of these. Others, the sad decision is that they’ve got to go — just too much stuff here.

There are some I’m not ready to let go of, yet, and those have become the flostam I’m putting just ahead of me. The pieces which styled the bookcase, a cylinder vase, the vase filler, and the jar with my “house” potpourri in it, were part of the flostam. Now they have a home, on top of the bookcase which sits next to the dining table.

I began pulling out items which were stashed elsewhere. All of it either needs a home, needs to be used regularly, or it’s going out.

We took a day today, together. The books I had pulled out of the booth went to the library sale donation box and then we donated almost all the “stuff” to one of my favorite thrift shops. Next to nothing is left in the car, and the few pieces which are I can put up for sale at the new booth, which is why I kept them.

Some of the donated pieces were things I’d kept for years, because I really loved them; but I’ve never used them, so out they went!

Tomorrow is the bookcase, the table, and if I’m ambitious, the china cabinet!

The slow, inevitable “clean stain” (oddly enough, my image for this is lime-green slime!) is moving into my house, one small piece at a time!



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