Today’s Work

Did some of the remaining laundry — what we didn’t do was the rags/sponges, towels/napkins, and hand-wash. The household clean/use stuff is two buckets. That’s been done. Haven’t tackled the hand-wash, yet.

DH and I discussed my idea for the laundry to replace the peg rack.

The monster peg rack and the last (I had 4?) glass washboard went to the antique booth this afternoon. [Sold!] We sold the old supermarket coffee grinder and DH’s chopping knife from overseas. Yeah! Where the glass washboard was in the laundry room now has a wire basket hanging there, in fact it has 2. This is great — editing the stuff and getting the look I want too.

I also worked on the “new” appliance. We a few weeks back bought a used, dirty commercial freezer via Craig’s list. It was cheap. We weren’t sure if it would work or not and decided we’d take the chance it would. I have tackled the thing with bleach water twice now and we plugged it in. It works. Huzzah! So, the next step is new gaskets for it (they were truly disgustingly dirty). After that? It gets cleaned at least one more time, then it will be moved into the kitchen. If we can get our old dining room table out to the antique store before that, the space for it will be easy. If not, it will require moving the empty space around, as per usual here.

And I organized the paint crate. Consolidated two storage places into one, yeah! I did that with some spices yesterday too. It all counts. (Or would, if I was still counting!)

I have work I have to do!



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