Should Have Stood in Bed

Okay, I picked up food at the farm. Small share this time, as it’s the beginning of the season:

I got radishes, spinach, 2 lettuces, and rhubarb.

I stopped at the market (go right by it) on the way home and bought:

2 avocados

1 small watermelon.

The plan was my favorite hot weather meal, requires no cooking:

spinach, lemon, avocado soup (served cold)

with salad:

watermelon, chives (original recipe had onions, but I have chives in the yard), mint and an oil & vinegar dressing.

Both things I’ve made many, many times  before. No cooking. Easy.

The best laid plans.

Except I forgot that I don’t use the food processor for the soup. I forgot (somehow) how to pick out avocadoes (a skill I’ve prided myself in since oh, high school?), and I forgot that although the soup requires no cooking, it can be messy, if you’re not careful.

Disaster on disaster.

First, I couldn’t remember how to use the food processor attachment. My brilliant spouse fixed that.

Okay. Put the washed spinach in, and get chopped spinach. Hm. Not what I had in mind.

Add lemon juice, one avocado, run some more, nope. I have a little guacamole, with lots of roughage. Nope. Okay. Put it all in the blender.

Soup — at the bottom of the jar, underneath most of the 1 lb of chopped, not liquified spinach.

Decide I should add the 2nd avocado. I CAN’T get it to separate? After a lot of work, I get the rock-hard flesh outta the shell.

Take all the “almost soup” out of the blender, add the avocado rock stuff and a little water. Buzz.Still hard. Small pieces, but hard.

Okay. Scoop that out. ( I tossed it, would you want to eat crunchy avocado “sand”?) Put the guac + 1 pile shredded spinach back into the blender . Buzz. Add a little water. Repeat until very thick soup/liquidy guac is all that’s in the bottom of the blender. Add salt & pepper. Call DH to come and get his ‘soup.’

The watermelon was cut in half and we ate it plain.

Are you kidding after the disaster of my 5 ingredient soup which is supposed to take 10 minutes or less to make? After spending an hour on the “easy” soup, I was afraid to pick up a knife, much less make watermelon salad.! [DH must have agreed; he cut the watermelon, served it and did the dishes, all without saying a word.]

Recipe: For two adult/main course servings. (Original recipe from 10 minute cooking book, I’ll have to dig it out for the source, sorry, can’t find it online right now.)

2 avocados, juice of 1 -2 lemons (you need at least one), 1 lb spinach, salt & pepper to taste, water as req’d. (I think the original recipe has Tabasco in it too?)

I use the stems and all of the spinach, omitting any brown or nasty bits. To do this in an organized fashion (not like my disaster above).

Clean the spinach, cut the stems off the leaves. Cut the lemon in 1/2 and remove the seeds (I zap the lemons in the micro for 10 seconds then cut in 1/2 and squeeze over a small strainer.) Cut the avocado in 1/2, take out the pit, chunk the flesh.

Put the lemon juice in first, then add the spinach in batches. Add the avocado. Add  a very little water if needed. Season with salt & pepper to taste.

Then I decided I wanted a little ice cream before bed. I have bad wrists, I zap my ice cream 10 seconds too. Started to wipe down the counters. .  . the micro is still going? My ice cream is *boiling*??? Tastes fine, it’s coffee ice cream after all, but. After tonight? I’m going to be afraid to even pour myself  a cup of coffee tomorrow morning.





3 responses to “Should Have Stood in Bed

  1. Relax. It was just one of those days 🙂

    Linda Tiernan Kepner

  2. Oh yeah. But when I have one, it’s quite something ‘eh?

    My kitchen counters were packed with various food processor pieces and other tools with BRIGHT green shreds of spinach. Everywhere. DH was the hero who just waded in, as usual. And, as usual, it WAS yummy!

  3. You know, I should have known early on that day that food and I weren’t going to be “friends.” First thing in the morning I opened a new box of cereal. When I went to put it back, there was no tab/slit? I’d opened the box on the bottom — a true harbinger of things to come. What a day: start with upside down cereal and end with boiling ice cream. Hope I don’t have another like it soon!

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