A Diary, Of Sorts

(Monday and Tuesday) yesterday differed from what I’d intended (Doesn’t it always?).

  • I did get the larger piece of wall primered, but not the smaller one.
  • I did wash the trashcans which had been gathered and patiently awaiting their baths.
  • I did some work for my job.
  • I also did dishes and laundry.
  • I did add the newly found stock to the accounting.

primered wood wall

  • I didn’t get the freezer clean out finished.
  • I didn’t make cherry muffins.
  • I didn’t get the new appliance cleaned.
  • I didn’t get a bleach load done.
  • I didn’t get the accounting spreadsheet updated.

Today’s plan?

  • Finish the piece for work. Worked on, not finished.
  • Bleach load at laundromat.
  • Return library book.
  • Call the accountant/deliver paperwork.
  • Pick up food at the farm.

farm field

And of course, the normal maintenance: dishes & laundry.

Not exactly what I had in mind!


  • Doctor’s Appt.
  • Work for a friend
  • Work regular job Again, large project not finished, but progress.
  • Finish primering front wall. Same as work project. Not finished, but I made progress.

The usual: dinner, laundry, dishes. DH found the frozen burritos. We had those. Yeah! Less in the freezer, no extra $ spent and it was quick. After driving all over and working on various and sundry all day, I was ready to not need to actually cook.

Not sure how much if any of the dishes and laundry was done. I know there isn’t a mountain of dirty dishes in the kitchen, so obviously at some point, they were washed.

Laundry? Not sure.


I helped a friend at her shop most of the day.

Did maintenance stuff, and that’s all otherwise.


I sanded the primer which needed it.

My helper taped all of the remaining trim on the short wall.

We tidied up the table and the laundry room.

We packed up all the bits & pieces I have to take to the new booth and put them in the car.

We cleaned the bottom shelf of the freezer. (What remains: the bins and wiping down the walls.)

Called the accountant. Paperwork will be delivered Monday.

Partial update on accounting spreadsheet.


I started cleaning the new appliance.

I bleached out the large empty trashcan

Went to the town festival (an annual thing)

Weed whacked around part of the lawn/beds (I can’t do it for a long period of time. The way the thing is made stresses my carpal tunnel and pinched nerve all at the same time.)

Started some of the laundry backlog.

laundry pile


We went to the dump.

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