I get to paint, well, paint with primer, the corner I started with the other day! Also I need to finish the freezer clean out. The food is culled, but I dropped the ball at the end, need to wipe down the walls, arrange the food neatly on the bottom shelf and in the bins. Not much, but it wasn’t *finished* either.

And of course I should then start the refrigerator clean out. Maybe I will or maybe I won’t . . .? Have work things to do, actually have enough of that to take most of the day. Also other cleaning and straightening of course.

My “carrot” today is probably making cherry muffins.  The plan was that I’d clean the new to us appliance, but it’s outside and as it’s raining, that’s off the list right now.

Also have some accounting to do for the biz. All this moving things around unearthed some of the missing booth stock and it needs to be tallied. The notebook data spreadsheet needs to be updated afterwards. Again, not much, but vital.

The bed could use clean sheets too. I was going to maybe haul the sheets and some other stuff downtown to the laundromat and put them in a bleach load. However, maybe I’ll just put them in the wash here and put them back on the bed. I can do that while I’m doing something else, so the sheets will likely get cleaned.

We bought a new ladder yesterday. Huzzah! Something light enough that I can haul it around and it feels SOLID. The platform ladder I’d been using on its highest setting kept settling, scary if you’re standing on it. It is now an outside ladder. The new ladder is the inside ladder.

I need to go do something more productive than write about what I need to do!



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