Yesterday, my helper and I cleared out an area in one corner of the living room. The walls are going to be painted.

  1. Enough space needs to be cleared so we can get the platform ladder in there. CHECK!
  2. The wall needs to be wiped down, any cobwebs removed etc. CHECK!
  3. The wall needs to be lightly sanded. CHECK!
  4. The wall needs to be wiped down with a just damp rag as a “tack cloth” CHECK!
  5.  The knots in the wall need to be painted over with the “knot sealer.” CHECK

That was one short piece of the long log wall and a small piece of the smaller wall. Today I did the same thing on most of the smaller wall. Still to do: the area behind the green jelly cabinet (means the cabinet needs to be emptied, detached from the wall and moved. Also same thing has to happen over the door in the entry  [Check! 5/29/16] and behind the coat rack, also in the entry. [Behind the coat rack is a different surface!]

The knot sealer is just over the knots in the log wall. The walls look like an acne-ridden teenager, covered in Calamine spots. Little white dots all over the place. Himself looked at the two pieces of wall I did last night and said, “I guess we’re committed; we’re painting  the living room!”

Well, yes. We bought equipment, fancy primer and fancy knot sealer to do the job. We were talking about buying a new platform ladder, but I wanted to see how well the one we had would work. It works fine, it’s slightly wobbly, which isn’t so good, but height-wise, which is what concerned us, it’s fine. We may still buy the other because of the wobbling, but for right now, what we’ve got works.

So, what I did today? I woke up at 5 and after making myself some instant coffee and feeding the animals, I got to work.

  1. I hauled all the food and the bins off the door of the freezer. Food was eliminated, bins washed, the door washed and everything returned, tidy.
  2. By then, Himself was up and he was making “real” coffee, so I got out of his way. I went into the living room, cleaned and sanded the next piece of wall. The coffee ready, I went in to get some. Emptied the top shelf in the freezer, culled, labeled, repackaged, wall washed, etc. the top shelf in the freezer.
  3. Returned to the living room, painted the knots on the cleaned wall, moved the platform ladder. Repeated that until behind the jelly cabinet and entry are all that remain on the front wall to prep for priming. (Also in here, removed cobwebs from the post and beam ceiling and swept the floor.)
  4. Went back to the kitchen and cleaned the 2nd and 3rd freezer shelves.
  5. Made soup from a package of green beans, some frozen chopped onion and the end of a package of sausage.
  6. We went to the dump, the first time, then the hardware store, the first time.
  7. Came home.
  8. Went to the dump and the hardware store, the 2nd and then turned right around and I went back a 3rd time. (I’d wanted to buy more freezer containers, and I’d forgotten that!)
  9. We went to the heavy duty hardware store and the supermarket .
  10. Came home. Wound the hose around the new hose reel. Moved the chairs to make the grouping I had in mind. (The new reel is in a seat or side table, matches outdoor chairs we already had,. I hadn’t gotten them out for the season, yet.)

I have essentially two more small areas to prep/knot paint, but no energy to tackle emptying the green jelly cabinet, unbolting it from the wall, cleaning,  doing the paint thing then putting it back — that’s tomorrow.

I DO have to do two things tonight: finish cleaning out the freezer (the CSA starts Tuesday next week!) and clean the kitchen, which is a LARGE disaster.

We had fruit smoothies for dinner: frozen fruit, yogurt and milk.Not too sweet, used up one container of frozen fruit. Given that it’s 89 degrees right now, this might not be the most nutritious dinner in the world, but it seemed just right to us!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

(I avoided one of my favorite seasonal sales, yesterday. Less stuff — good idea, eh?)

For some reason — I’m tired!




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