More Bunnies? Chickens? Eggs? Egg Cartons?

dust bunny from google images

I started using the new vac. I will say that although it is pretty big it works really well. Got rid of lots o’ dust and dust bunnies. Now I have to figure out how to clean its hepa filter and clean it, then put it away.

But that’s a detail.

Today I’m taking the drawer unit to the antique store and heading to the store where I’ll be getting the new booth. I have to finish the journals I have in process and buy more to do. (To sell them.) That means a significant clearing of the space where I’d been crafting, which needs to happen anyway! [Note: 5/20/16: haven’t gotten the drawers to the antique store, yet, sigh.]

DH figured out a solution for a problem using materials we already have, a total win-win! Less stuff, and a problem solved at the same time. Love it when that happens! 😀

On other fronts, I’m not sure how I’m going to do the accounting this year. The software I’ve used for years had gone from “buy an upgrade, and use it” to “buy an upgrade, use it, and pay us a monthly fee,” which is completely against my long-term retirement planning. I am desperately trying to get us OUT of monthly payments, for ANYTHING, not acquire more. Reasonable? Yes, the price is, but the mechanism isn’t something I want.

I’ve been using a notebook. It’s small enough I can throw it in a box, but that’s an issue as it’s too small to comfortably do the accounting in. I’ll figure something out, but haven’t yet. This issue became obvious in April.

The computer I have worked on for years is dying, slowly. The software I’ve been using and wants the new, monthly fee will not run on my new machine. After I got the 2015 taxes done I decided I had to come up with another way. I’m used to being able to select a range of dates and say “find” and that quick I’ve got my sales for the month or year. Doesn’t happen that way with paper records. I need to make myself a spread sheet, or something. I may just go out and buy another Halls book. Used them for years when I had the store, works, but a spreadsheet would work too, and it doesn’t cost anything!

baby chick from google images

Cheap, cheap, cheap — I know — I’ve been working at saving money for a long time now!

I’m also a birdbrain.  When I had the store and had people coming in all day to talk to me, 1,000 things going on at once, I needed that book. I’m just ADD enough that without one place to put things I was a wreck.

My preferred way to track things is sort of a narrative diary for the days I do things related to the business. Since I work at home most often these days, that’s possible. It’s part of my adaptation to the no more data base software too. I’m going back to my business diary. (I also use an online calendar.) [Note: 5/20/16: Because I thought I’d lost the accounting book recently, I started this a.m. to do the spreadsheet. Overdue, but well, it’s getting there!]

For the tidying, I’ve been using egg cartons to hold the little bits & pieces which need to be put away. [This is nuts, bolts, beads, pins, etc.] I didn’t have a good way to do that. The small pieces would get put in a box, and disappear, only to reappear, later, still not put away.

Sometime, eventually — all these small, concerted efforts, the egg of my neat house will hatch into a neat, tidy and cozy home — right?





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