Friday & Yesterday We Bought Stuff, but . . .

Today, we’re culling.

Friday we went to a local kitchen supply store who’s going out of business and got some yougurt jars and other small tools. Yesterday we got some tools for the new vac, sandpaper, primer, paint, and lastly, 2 old drawers, a heater and a cabinet at ReStore

This was more than we planned to buy.

Today, we pulled some things out of the attic: a wicker laundry hamper, 2 mounted shop lights, a book, an orange juicer (broken),  a heater (was replaced by the new to us one from ReStore). DH culled some other misc. hardware. I offered someone our old yogurt maker.

DH pulled some excess luggage out of where we store that: 2 ski boot bags (bought to transport books to shows) 1 duffel (bought when we were dating!) and a computer bag (I kept it for a swim bag instead). A tool bag (my old swim bag) will go to the antique shop. That is/will be 4 pieces of luggage out of here!

In other words, the great purge continues. Yes, we’ve bought stuff, but we’re both working at the cull. There’s a box o’ books waiting to go to the antique store as well. Four books sold out of the booth a couple of days after I put them out the new batch last Weds. I’m not surprised, the books are goodies and I’m pricing them dead cheap. If book people get the idea, some people are going to get some great deals.

We sold the mermite container  I put out in March. Huzzah! (The post where I talked about this is from March 2nd. (Sorry tried to include a link; that rarely works for me, didn’t this time either!)

The drawer unit which the new cabinet replaces is slated for the antique store too. The cabinet it displaces will go into the attic. Don’t expect we’ll get much for the drawer unit, but it should sell quickly if priced correctly.

We’re off to the dump!

We took the base of the last spinner to the dump last weekend. Also, I’m slowly but surely emptying out the outdoor trash cans. These get full in the fall and then sit all winter, and frankly I forget about them. I’m determined we’re going to use them again, year ’round. I want to not have a large trash can in the kitchen! First they need to be emptied and cleaned.

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