What I Want, the Ultimate Goal, Housewise

I don’t think I could live in a minimalist home — it would punch my too tidy/danger! button and I’d have panic attacks.

On the other hand, I want to have a LOT less stuff.

My idea for this is that my home has to be comfortable, cozy by preference, but not empty. It will be empty enough when I can take care/caretake my stuff without marathons, seasonal cleaning gluts, or heroic efforts. I don’t know what that level is, and won’t until I get there. This is to remind me of what the goal is AND to give myself credit for finding places to put things away, make our home more cozy/comfortable, and acquire the habits which will make the taking care/caretaking possible.

What I’ve done lately?

Purged 800+ books, that’s what. There were 18 yesterday, 24 the day before that, and 201 today. Last week’s big purge (also on Weds.0 was 262 books. I’ve been going at this, seriously for three weeks now.

I’m putting out the first of the new merchandise in the new booth, next week. Part of that is excess crafting supplies. Part of it is book illustrations I’ve kept, when the books fell apart, and just haven’t done anything with. Part of it is ads and other pieces of 80-120 year old newpapers (I acquired a whole box of them at one point) to try and turn the resource into money. I’m using other stuff I love but have never used as fixtures.

See the trend? If I’m not using it/don’t want to keep it/don’t think I ever will use it — it’s going out.

The 800 books is just the beginning. My goal is to move into a smaller storage unit 7/1. Funny, I probably will make the 12,000+ number that caused me to drop the original idea for this blog, or I might, if I were counting! But the only thing I’m counting is books out.

Today? I used 3 mailers, shipped a gift and card, also 2 books. Donated 201 books. I’ve bought 2 books in the past 2 days, so essentially I’m down the 201 and that’s all. I have no idea what I’ll find this evening — we’ll see!

Two weeks ago I used up 3 balls of yarn making a rug. Last week I used up 3 balls of yarn and 4 skeins making another.To use my old terms, I CONSOLIDATED 10 items into 2 or a gain of 8.Today I bought 4 skeins of yarn for something else.

So, I’m still buying things, but I’m buying way less than I’m using and purging. The larger rug btw, will be shipped soon. I have to finish working the ends in and then wash it before it goes out.





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