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Changing My World, Again

The chair sold — hurrah! Today’s task when I get to it, is to empty the bookcase in the storage and take it to the antique store, for sale. Seeing a trend here? Or, I can take the small modern side tables — either way, something is going — today!

[I took one of the modern side tables, the “orphan.” It sold! 3/18 :-)]

Had an appt. today, it got canceled. So I have unexpected free time. I’ve filled this with doing some necessary yard work (Did the springy rake get put away somewhere mysterious — or did it get stolen? Possible I’m afraid.)

I have 3 writing projects midstream, one for my “day job,” one with a friend I’m writing an article with, and one for a friend who asked my help organize a history thing.

All have been sent to the other folks and are awaiting input — more unexpected time!

So, I’m off to the storage to get tables or bookcase to the antique store (Unfortunately, the spinner hasn’t sold, for $5. Given that, I’ll probably throw it in the back of the car and just take it to the dump Saturday. But I anticipate more pieces gone and quickly!

I’ve been working continually on our bedroom. I’m running out of places to stash the “I don’t know what to do with this” stuff. This is the part I dread. It isn’t getting rid of things, it’s trying to figure out which things to keep and where/how. Especially a challenge with a log house, no basement, no attic to speak of, no garage, no closets, etc.

I found another skein of the yarn I’d used for spring colors bath mats. My answer to that piece of clutter was what did last before bed yesterday: I added the yarn to the smaller mat. One less item floating around here and a  more useful mat (it was pretty small) — all good!  If I could just do something like about 2,000 times in a month, I’d be all set!

It’s nearly spring — I want my home to emerge from under all the STUFF!!!


A Ramble

Last week I took the oak desk chair and the last spinner to the antique booth. The spinner is priced at $5, cheap enough for anyone who wants a bookstore or relic or whatever to get it on a whim. The chair I think I priced at $25, but I’ve had a 25% off sale on general antiques for some time, so it will be sold for less than that, which is great! Hopefully when I get to the booth this week, both items will be out of my life.

Otherwise, I spent a fair amount of time figuring out how to package vintage trim to put it in a booth for sale yesterday. Then I cleaned around the bed, to the ground. Pitched stuff, put things away, etc. Lots of things were just “moved.” It’s obvious that in order to actually CLEAN this house I’m going to have to find a way to deal with the things which have no homes.

I did solve that problem for a perpetual rock with nowhere to live yesterday though. Our little vac, the semi-portable one, has never had a “home.” It does now.

There has never been places for any of the vacs to be stored. I have no broom closet. (What might be my broom closet got usurped for stuff long ago.) There are 4 vacs in this house, one upright downstairs, one upright upstairs, one shop vac in DH’s workshop, and the portable vac. There’s another in pieces around (in the attic?) which can wash/dry floors, but we’ll probably ditch that soon as we haven’t had all the pieces for some time. (We may have already?) The “flying saucer” vac (floated in a pocket of air) which I had (of course!) for the bookstore is long gone. But still. We have far too many, especially for appliances which are both portable and have no “homes.” They have places they are regularly “stashed,” but this is in plain sight and therefore, in my book, they aren’t “put away.”

Putting things away, unless their away spot is in a bookcase or they’re decorative, means away. I will not buy/make little cutesy doll/covers to go over the uprights. Or, I suppose, if I did, I’d make a robot or something, but I really don’t want cutesy dolls hiding tools. Another solution would suit me better!

My desk is a  mess again, with books & papers piled high. Need to go thru another batch o’ books and either price them/take them to the booth (did that last week) or donate them. In the middle here, I need to finish the data gather for the taxes.

So, life is pretty normal here, except that it’s warm instead of the usual wintry mix March gets. Happy Spring Forward day!




Doing a Major Purge

Partly because I’m sick o’ all the stuff, and I have an opportunity to maybe donate a large qty of books, without having to ship them. The shipping problem has kept me from getting books to dealers in IN and VT because I just can’t make myself spend the $10+ a box to give away books, when I can just put them in a box for free in many places.

So, there will be a lot less books in my life next Monday, one way or the other. Huzzzah!

Also, for a change, I’m selling things at the antique shop. In the past 2 months I’ve sold a bookcase, a pair of end tables, and a magazine/display rack. They were $20 each, which apparently is the  price point where not otherwise great furniture just sells. The bookcase was in fine shape, but it was tiny. The end tables were particle board. The magazine rack was painted plywood and had some issues. They’re gone.

What’s in the booth now is a large COVO tin with a lid and handles. It’s more than $20, so I have no idea when we’ll sell it. The image was swiped from ebay. Mine is in better shape!

covo rin


Also we have a Mermite tin. These are used by folks for motorcycle side cases. (It sold, finally.) Again, mine is in much better condition and the pic came from ebay.

mermite container

But no furniture. I have the last spinner, a banker’s chair and then I’m not sure what else to get out of storage and to the booth. I have a few pieces to get out of storage and bring home as well. And our old dining room table needs to leave here and go to the antique store as well. I have a bookcase I’ll probably give away.

We are planning on painting redoing the hallway and bookcases,but not acquiring any new furniture this year otherwise, so things should get fairly empty — I hope! With luck, I’ll be able to paint the living room before June.

That’s what is going on with us. I’ve been under the weather the past few days with a gum infection. And I’ve been writing books off, which I find depressing, but necessary!

Hope everyone is enjoying our early spring!