Last Week & This

My wonderful husband and I had a reason to get into my biggest kitchen cabinet. I had put a part of a babydoll crib rail in there to hold up my asst. Pyrex and other baking dishes. It worked, for a while. Then it didn’t.  Because we had a reason to get into that cabinet, I asked him if he could fix it?

He did. Yay! Less chaos! Today I cleaned the front of the cabinets on that side of the island the best they’ve been cleaned in some time. The inside of the cabinet is still tidy, now its vertical face looks great too. Have yet to tackle the drawers (need stuff culled out of them) and the counter. A bit at a time.

Last week the sink overflowed in the bathroom. This will probably cause us to get a new shower fixture. (The two are related, I’ll explain if/when we get the new shower fixture.) The overflow caused me to clean out/cull (again, I’d done this last summer) the sink cabinet. Less stuff, more order!

I’m doing what I usually do when I re-start cleaning, that is, I’m cleaning closets & cabinets. Used to be that doing that would make me feel like I was cleaning AND I didn’t get panic attacks. Not sure what’s going on now, but it all needs to be cleaned, so I’m not questioning, just doing!

My cleaning tracker got all messed up. I dropped two days in January, another the beginning of February. By the time I got to this week, it was really messed up. I’ve spent the time tonight to straighten it out, but in the process, essentially, I’ve got garbage data. I have no idea when I actually did what, since 1/29. Sigh!

It’s fixed, but what a pain!

We think we found another solution for the floor as my floor wax only looks good right after it’s used and before someone walks on it (it’s sticky; grabs dirt off of shoes, ug). And we’d already planned to sand the floors this spring, so . . . .

Lots and lots and lots to do!




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