This is Part of a “Get Rid of It” List

This list was all over the ‘net in January. Items listed here are just over 1/3 of that list. Again, this reinforces my notion that I don’t have a problem getting rid of things. I don’t keep the stuff most others do, apparently!


boxes – I use them!

dry cleaning hangers Next to nothing we have goes to the dry cleaner, so this isn’t a problem.

expired makeup I have very little and I only reluctantly buy this. And I break out if I use old makeup, so I definitely don’t keep it!

magazines These days, if there’s only a few things I want to keep, I rip the pages out. Otherwise, yes, I keep them.

emery boards I have 2 metal ones.

old paint I have a stack of old paint cans we’re gradually taking to the dump.

old clothes Get torn up for rags or donated.

old paperwork These days much of it is used to start the wood stove!

socks (holey or singles) I will wear the holey socks as slippers and other single socks make great dusters.

extra cups I sell them.

unread books As of when? Hello? I’m a book dealer/collector. Yes, I keep books I haven’t read in one two three and five years.

old tech Depends on the tech.

abandoned toys We have no children at home, this isn’t an issue.

cleaning rags Why would you keep too many of these? I toss them as they get groady.

forgotten takeout menus We next to never eat takeout; this isn’t a problem.

cards What kind of cards? Some I keep, most I don’t.

outdated medicine Due to limited storage in our bathroom, I’m scrupulous about dumping this.

old shoes I have no problem with this, DH on the other hand . . .

old spices I dry many of our spices and my spice rack is set up so that it “tells” me what I’m using and what I don’t. (I replace spices in a certain area after use.) About once a year, I purge the stuff I never use.

games with missing pieces We don’t play board games and see note for toys.

dried up nail polish I don’t wear it.

video games We don’t play them.

unworn jewelry Throw it away? I sell some on occasion. Don’t have much, I don’t wear it.

expired food Regularly tossed, but soemthing we could improve.

unused perfume or colonge Don’t wear it.

old towels This was on the last list. I turn them into “cat towels.” I have a basket for this. They are used for animals, car repair, whatever.

extra bedding Hm. Well, I keep at least two complete sets: spring/summer and fall/winter. The fall/winter are flannel, the others are not. I’d prefer to have two sets of each — that’s 4. I probably have 5 or 6, so yes, I could improve this.

unused or old plastic containers Get tossed regularly

old bills Yes, well, of course!

old paychecks No one pays with paper any more, so this really isn’t a problem.

ruined hair ties Are tossed regularly.

old newspaper Are burned or recycled regularly.

extra cushions and couch pillows Don’t have.

ticket stubs Get tossed right away.

small clothes Not sure what this means? Clothes which are too small? Most of those get donated.

unreturned items Also not sure what this means.

unneeded notebooks I use notebooks regularly and toss extras.

pens & pencils We use them.

unnecessary knicknacks All knicknacks are unnecessary. If I want ’em, I keep ’em. If not, I put them up for sale.

little shampoo bottles We use the shampoo and then toss the bottles.

unmatched cords Unmatched how? To equipment? Well, yes,we keep these, if we think we still have the equipment.

old art projects We both do art work, don’t be obscene.

old party supplies Don’t have

old wedding favors Don’t have

Christmas cards yours and others Depends on the sender. Or in the case that I’ve made it, I keep some cards, tags, etc. as records for the next year and so that I can recreate them for sale if that’s what I want to do.

forgotten holiday decor Forgotten? I don’t think I forget it. Sometimes I can’t put it away or I’m waiting to drag all the other stuff out for another occasion before I put it away, but fogotten? Mostly not. I suppose that any out is a fail. If that’s true, yes, I could use some work here.

too unique holiday decor According to whom? What???

disliked cleaning supplies I take ’em to the swap shop.

flowerpots I use ’em. I have a place where they’re stored, outside.

old calendars I don’t keep them, mostly. Some I do keep because I like the artwork.

disliked movies We don’t buy movies these days, but rent them online. So there’s nothing to toss!

multiple scissors (> 2) We definitely have > 2 pairs, but given that I need a pair in with the retail supplies, a pair for cloth, a pair for paper, a general household pair and a pair of kitchen shears, it’s likely to stay that way! I guess according to the lister, this would be a fail.

extra ear buds I own 0.


2 responses to “This is Part of a “Get Rid of It” List

  1. You’ve got a better score than I do, then.

    • Maybe, but your house is tidier than mine with more people in it! Different habits I guess. One of these days I have to watch you cook too. Try as hard as I might I never manage to get a meal prepared and no mess left over except the dishes. I know you do that, we’ve talked about it! Different skills or habits I guess?

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