New Year, New & Better . . .

One of the things I started last year were my “notebooks.” One day, if I get brave, I’ll post images, maybe. There are 12 of them, one for each month. The idea was that I have too much to track: cooking, cleaning, crafts, writing projects, garden planning, etc. I was always forgetting where I was, what I did last, and how. I wanted one place to put the info and so I created these notebooks. So far they work, as well as anything does, which is that they work as much as I let them, like most organizational systems.

I found another “toss this stuff” list that I’ll comment on, eventually. But what it pointed out to me, again, was that I’m weird. I just don’t keep things others do.

I don’t have a problem with extra jars in my pantry, for example, as I use/cull them consistently. I don’t have a problem with stray lids, except for Mason jars, because all the other containers get stored with lids, or they get removed — period. I do this type of thing all the time. It’s one of the vestiges of the counting thing and the SPACE BUDGET idea I came up with for that. I get rid of jars, clothes, books, papers all the time. I still have too much stuff, but the items on this “get rid of it” list reminded me that my problems are not like those of others. I have a storage problem, a bad habit problem and just an overwhelming amount of stuff. But I don’t keep things others do!

Oh! I got the revised memoir back from the editor. Now to make the changes and fix the problems, and then more progress will happen. Huzzah!


2 responses to “New Year, New & Better . . .

  1. Pictures sound fab 🙂 I’m very intrigued by the idea – I’d tend towards a notebook per topic, rather than per month, but wondering which would work ‘better’.

    • I’ve got too many things which are partially done to do that successfully. I have 2 old “stationery keepers” from Hallmark I keep these in. I used 3M tape on the spines. A different color every month and a stripe on each end for the last 3 or next 3 months, so I know where it fits. I’d like to do new notebooks sooner than later, not sure how I”ll do that unless I just start the year over? I have some photos, somewhere, I’ll post ’em when I find ’em.

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