Been Thinking and Reading and Thinking Some More

This is about frugality, DIY, and cleaning.

Yesterday I was trying to find info regarding brooms and dustpans. I found this. And although I don’t know that I agree with them (I hate microfiber stuff!) I thought it was interesting that I’d spend an hour researching then reading about brooms and dustpans!

Today’s quest is slightly different. I have a note in a book I’m pulling data from about Zote soap. I had no idea what Zote was, so I looked. That lead me to read this rather lengthy thread about DIY “Super Laundry Sauce” made with Fels Naptha vs Zote. You can find that here.

I had another “Aha!” moment re house organization, and I’m working on it. And, obviously, I’m working on the cleaning portion of that.

I have a Labor Day tradition, well several. But the one that concerns us here is I buy myself a new broom (the replaced house broom becomes the “outside” broom, the replaced outside one is discarded or becomes the “shed” or “garage” broom.) This year I’m seriously thinking about buying a dustpan as I have a large aluminum shop dustpan and I don’t much like it. I think I’ll give it back to DH for the shop! (Or maybe that will go to the shed too?)

So between the annual ” buy myself a new broom” and the organizational efforts, I’ve been researching cleaning products and DIY soaps. At the moment, we don’t need laundry soap — I’ve been buying liquid from the coop in bulk. The buy bottle is empty, but the use bottle is still comfortably full, so I don’t need any! I think I’ll just keep the info on hand re the DIY soaps. Last time I made my own laundry soap it didn’t work all that well.

Happy Labor Day!

btw, in my researching brooms I found something else that is new to me. “Warehouse” and “Lobby” brooms are cheaper than many others. If you’re going to buy just a plain old broom and would consider buying it online (haven’t seen these otherwise) try looking for those!

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