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Curiousities and History

I have a lot of old books, no surprise if you know me at all. One of them is Collier Cyclopedia of Social and Commerical Information (c) 1882 which I bought in part for the graphics, wingdings, etc. but also for its history.

The next time someone disparages woman’s lib, I’m going to remind them that the section entitled, “A Digest of the Laws Relating to the Rights of American Women” begins with this gem:

“Marriage may be entered into by any two persons, with the following exceptions: Idiots, lunatics, persons of unsound mind, persons related by blood of affinity, within certain degrees prohibited by law; infants under the age of consent, which in the State of New York, is 14 for males and 12 for females, and all persons already married and not legally divorced.”

On the other hand, I may just use it the next time someone says, “We didn’t used to let same sex couples marry; we had a God-faring land!” Because, please notice there’s nothing there about same sex couples at all.

What’s New?

We bought wood for the winter.

I’ve painted all but the last pantry shelf on the small side. The last shelf was both slanted and warped, so last night after a lot of debating what to do, it got removed. The remainder of these shelves will be painted. (And probably the wall too, although I make no promises regarding that.) The original idea was to use up the Potter & Ball primer and samples we’ve got. I’m still working on the primer, but I used up one or two of the samples (I had 8?).  Taking out the bottom shelf solved more than one problem. I needed a place to store 1/2 gallon bottles of stuff and didn’t have any. Right now they’ve been shoved onto the bookcase in the dining room. I forget the food is there and this creates a lot of waste. Not good.

So, the idea is that the dry stores in 1/2 gallon mason jars are stored on the “new” bottom shelf (actually the floor). I have a small crate I’ll use to take up some of the unused space. All good! The crate will be used and the out of place storage will be moved, etc.

I and the neighbor’s son have been working on the yard clean up. Yesterday he removed the racks from where they’d been last year. One of them fell over. I picked it up and restocked it in a slightly different location. It fell over again and knocked over the 2nd rack! At that point, fortunately, it was spring. And, disgusted, I just left it. He’d move the wood last week. My job today, well one of them, is to finish the clean up in that area.

There were 4 pieces of furniture and the table saw dolly in the way in the wood rack. Right now, 2 of the pieces of furniture have been moved. The other two should also probably be moved today. Then we get to figure out where we’ll store the table saw dolly. At that point, the oak logs which need the mawl to be split apart several times before they become actual firewood can be moved into the wood shed. If I’m lucky and there’s room, the wood splitter etc. can also move there too!

If all this happens, the yard will be much cleaner and we’ll be a lot more prepared for winter around here!

Re house organization? I’m working on it in dribs and drabs. I haven’t tackled a new area in a while, but in the past few I’ve tackled the cabinet under the sink, the bath closet and the pantry. I got the laundry caught up, but there’s a pile down there which needs to be put away, again.

And one of these days, I should write the piece I was thinking about yesterday, when your partner hands you “caulk” and . . . it will probably be good for a laugh (or I hope so!) but I haven’t time to write it now.

Have a great Thursday!

Been Thinking and Reading and Thinking Some More

This is about frugality, DIY, and cleaning.

Yesterday I was trying to find info regarding brooms and dustpans. I found this. And although I don’t know that I agree with them (I hate microfiber stuff!) I thought it was interesting that I’d spend an hour researching then reading about brooms and dustpans!

Today’s quest is slightly different. I have a note in a book I’m pulling data from about Zote soap. I had no idea what Zote was, so I looked. That lead me to read this rather lengthy thread about DIY “Super Laundry Sauce” made with Fels Naptha vs Zote. You can find that here.

I had another “Aha!” moment re house organization, and I’m working on it. And, obviously, I’m working on the cleaning portion of that.

I have a Labor Day tradition, well several. But the one that concerns us here is I buy myself a new broom (the replaced house broom becomes the “outside” broom, the replaced outside one is discarded or becomes the “shed” or “garage” broom.) This year I’m seriously thinking about buying a dustpan as I have a large aluminum shop dustpan and I don’t much like it. I think I’ll give it back to DH for the shop! (Or maybe that will go to the shed too?)

So between the annual ” buy myself a new broom” and the organizational efforts, I’ve been researching cleaning products and DIY soaps. At the moment, we don’t need laundry soap — I’ve been buying liquid from the coop in bulk. The buy bottle is empty, but the use bottle is still comfortably full, so I don’t need any! I think I’ll just keep the info on hand re the DIY soaps. Last time I made my own laundry soap it didn’t work all that well.

Happy Labor Day!

btw, in my researching brooms I found something else that is new to me. “Warehouse” and “Lobby” brooms are cheaper than many others. If you’re going to buy just a plain old broom and would consider buying it online (haven’t seen these otherwise) try looking for those!