Back to Mundanity and Suburbia

So. Cleaning the house. What’s next? Yesterday I cleaned off the cat bench. The cat is now using it. I have a large batch o’ books to dispose of. (Of course.) This frees up the part of the bathroom closet where the plastic bin of catfood had been living, which is rather nice!

But I don’t really have a plan today. My take-away lesson from doing the hallway the other day is that if I divvy the work up into small, doable chunks, doable in about 3 hours or less, start to finish, I have no problem with cleaning things. The cat bench had been on my radar for a while. I suppose I should pick up the “clean the pantry” task I’d started. I’ve got 2 of 5? shallow shelves cleaned. If I only allow myself 1.5 hours start to finish. . . Hmmm. Let’s see 1/2 hour to get things torn apart. Whatever I have done, that’s how much I clean. 3/4 hour to actually clean, 1/4 hour to put stuff away. I wonder if that would work? It’s certainly short enough, and if I had to do something else after the cleaning, it would be easy to do the 15 minutes of putting things back together almost any time.

Reality, instead of Planning: Because of another need, today’s purge was paper. We needed to find something and did, but in the process cleaned out a section of the office.


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