Today’s Test

is the new floor treatment. I’ve wanted for a long time a way to fill the gaps between the variable-width pine floor’s planks. It’s another way this house traps dirt and grunge. I found this: (link) and have bought some 1/4″ jute twine as a result. But where to put it?

Most of the planks in this house run 7′ or so, not something I want to do as a test or learning piece. Last night I realized that wasn’t true with the transition between the two main rooms downstairs. So, today’s job was to remove the furniture etc. from the downstairs hall, clean the floor well (in process), clean the bookcase (done), remove everything (done), clean the walls as long as I had everything pulled out (done) and then fill the gaps around the transition board with the twine. A learning experience which won’t take  me all day or moving all the furniture, etc. along a 7′ span!

Of  course, I’ve found stuff to get rid of (at least one book as well as stuff which was dumped here/doesn’t belong. There’s a dumping ground piece here (a lidded casserole) but everything which won’t fit or is obviously trash is going OUT!

Phase II coming up! The floor should be about dry. I need to get a spackle knife and spackle an anchor hole in the wall. If I was truly ambitious, I’d take off the trim, sand it and prep it for painting by using some of the remaining primer. But I doubt I’ll get that involved.

My other job today if it doesn’t rain, is stripping the new metal bookcase I got yesterday. This will be more than enough sanding, etc. for me. Why do people buy nice steel bookcases, let them rust a little and then spray paint them (badly) silver on top of the rust? It looks like crap and probably did when newly done. I now have 2 of these. They were cheaper than they would have been otherwise, but it’s going to take much labor to get the crap silver paint and rust off before painting them again, decently this time!



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