The house is a mess. Hopefully that can change at some point, soon.

I just spent 2 weeks working on the memoir in Boston. Essentially, it’s done. Yah! (It only took 10 years ‘eh, speed demon that I am.)

But I came back from Boston feeling really impatient. I need help here, one day a week. If I can get DH to help, just one day a week, we can get the house clean. Don’t know if that will happen. Inertia is a way of life around here.

After two weeks with activists, I’m not feeling so complacent about what I have here, both inside and out. Inside the house, and out.

The garden has taken off, unfortunately that also means the weeds took off too during the two weeks I was gone. I’m whacking away at that.

The CSA is in full swing and I have a lot of food to deal with. Pulled bags out of the fridge yesterday and made chicken veggies soup: water, better than bullion and misc. veggies from the freezer. NOTHING fresh. It’s yummy, we’ll finish it probably tomorrow.

Tonight I made pesto for the first time. I don’t think I’ll ever be intimidated by pesto again. Always seemed mysterious. Nope! Grind basil, salt, olive oil, pine nuts and ground Parmesan to taste. No big. In the past, we’ve frozen store-bought pesto, which is what will likely happen to this!

My garden is yielding up rhubarb still, mint, parsley, baby potatoes, chives, oregano, and tarragon, the usual early spring stuff. Being gone two weeks makes a big difference! Peas and beans are up as is corn, lettuces, etc. but nothing is mature, yet, except the garlic. The garlic scapes did get harvested when I was gone, but that’s it.

How are your gardens doing? What’s new? Yes, I was gone two weeks, but I didn’t drop off the face of the earth!


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