Had a friend over who has seen this place many a time. They said that I have “less stuff” and I know that I do, but sometimes it’s hard to believe it when the house is still a mess!

The new “magic of tidying up” book that is a current fad is by a Japanese teenager, if I remember correctly. I bought it when it was new and then loaned it out. I have a problem with taking advice from a teenager about getting rid of stuff for various reasons.

One, I’m a long time and a LOT of stuff away from being a teenager. Two, the PTSD and its complications, which are never something anyone says anything about, except, “Get help.” Well, yes, I’ve done that, for about 40+ years now. I’m doing better, but simplistic ideas don’t address whatever the hell it was that got me here to begin with, and I doubt a teenager has the ability to have that much empathy or the knowledge to deal with my issues. I sure didn’t at that age. Three, I dislike, just on general principle, one- size -fits-all  cures.

I’m a cynic. You could say that I have reasons for it.

Part of the getting stuff better here is that we are working at finding places to put things. Outside, that includes the equipment for dealing with snow, grass, hauling things, etc. We have no garage, basement or attic to speak of. All those outdoor maintenance pieces just sit outside.  We’re working on it.

We’re also working on the firewood situation (we need about 3 more cords for winter than we’ve got if we’re going to heat primarily with wood next winter). The two things together, the need to store equipment and wood, as well as the need for wood prompted what we did today. There’s about 4 fewer trees on our lot than there were this morning. They were cut into firewood sized logs approximately, large kindling and the smaller branches with leaves still attached are in two piles. When the leaves dry up, I’ll cut them into small kindling.

The next step of what we were doing is to attach a shelter for equipment that’s been in the middle of the lawn to a shed. It needs lattice around it for a couple of reasons: 1)looks and 2)to help keep the critters, etc. off it.

This will give some of the equipment someplace to be put away AND make the house look better. All good!

I really need to get back into the house and do another major purge o’ stuff, but the sunshine and garden are so seductive, I have a hard time doing almost anything inside these days! I wish we had a sleeping porch, I’d be sleeping out there too!


2 responses to “Progress

  1. Sounds like a good start – getting that equipment out of the elements will help it last longer too. I’m with you on the sleeping porch – such beautiful weather (let’s enjoy it while it’s here, you know it’s going to be around 95 in the near future!).

  2. Yes, I know it will heat up to being unbearably hot for a week or two. I’d especially like a sleeping porch then, wouldn’t you? Ah well. Working on the lot, clearing the wood gives the expanded veggie gardens more light, gives us more fire wood, and makes the lot neater — all good! The birds are calling out there. When I get into something other than PJs, I need to go do some more seeding: parsnips, celeriac and carrots and if I’m ambitious, I’ll move some perrenials! I wish you were closer, I’d give you some!

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