Back to the House!

I spent a week working on the yard, this week’s focus is back on the house.

I expect to again be purging books like mad and other stuff. I have to get ahold of the VFW where I set up at their yard sale last month and get another space for this month’s sale. What made it worthwhile was DH’s tools we sold, but that’s okay, what sells is what sells!

Also, I’ve been working on the food plan for us. The  CSA and garden should provide us with almost all the food we’ll need for the winter. Yesterday, DH and I culled down the freezer, last year I did this in August. I wanted to do this AHEAD of the annual food to go into the freezer glut in June – August, so I’m proud of myself. We pitched everything from 2013.  There wasn’t anything older, as that’s when our fridge died.

In the process of course I found LOTS of food I’d forgotten we had. And with DH’s help, I made a tally. We had steak kabobs last night and peas. The steak was yummy cooked on the grill and the peas cooked in the microwave, a minimum amount of heating up the kitchen! (It was VERY hot & sticky here last night.)

So, today’s plans are: water the seeds in the garden, make some sort of stew in the crock pot and pick an area and clean it to the walls! Other than that, I have to go into the next large town south and deliver a check. In the process, I’ll check on the antique booth, pull or put some stuff in the storage, etc.\

Been working on one of the frugal website ideas. When I get it done, you’ll hear about it; I promise!

It’s spring, feels like summer, and there’s more to do than I have time to get done — as usual!


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