I have been looking and working at

food storage and planning what I want to plant/store/use this year. In the process I found that cleaning plan I’d made up last Fall. It occurred to me  that the system of putting seasonal chores together by “level” combined with the plan I’d used two years ago, tracking the “daily 5” etc. for the routine chores,  would probably give me the perfect way to plan and track what needs to happen, when and note what needs to happen and what I’ve done.

Rather than simply spend hours and hours PLANNING what I want to do, I’m going to just use the two binders. One has the seasonal chores by level, the other has a way to track things, daily, by type of surface.

I need the “satisfaction” of moving things from the “TO DO” pile to the “DONE” pile the seasonal planner gives me, and I also need the routine the daily ticking off gives me. Hopefully, the two combined won’t just lean on the PTSD that much harder and cause me to quit, faster.

Re that, I have NOT been working on the house this week. I’ve been working on the yard and playing connect 2 items games, rather compulsively. The yard looks much better, the daffs are blooming and every day the yard gets neater.

Yesterday DH got the mower set up to really mulch leaves finely and we’ve reclaimed areas of our lot we haven’t mowed or raked for many a year. We cut down the maple saplings that were blocking our view of the old oak.

The oak tree was one of the main reasons we got this lot, as opposed to another. We bought  here when there were more houses for sale than houses with occupants on the block. Given that, I decided we should showcase the oak, and removing the saplings was a first step in that direction.

The tree felling will also give us kindling for next fall/winter, not  bad! I cut the first 3 saplings down with the hatchet, poor things, looked like a small beaver had an epilectic siezure while felling the tree — very ragged. On the other hand,  it got done. When DH came to help, I suggested the chain saw, and the other 7 saplings were dispatched much more neatly!

I’ll work more on this today. We also have decided what to do about the tipping wood racks. We have those black metal wood racks. Maybe it’s the chipmunks, or maybe the racks are unstable, or maybe it’s the malicious neighbors (I’m convinced we have at least one untrustworthy person in the neighborhood. I have my reasons.) but our wood racks keep falling down. The answer to this is to BOLT the racks to the woodshed wall and also USE the woodshed, or at least 1/2 of it for WOOD storage, instead of asst. STUFF storage.

This means cleaning out the shed and cleaning out 1/2 of the wood shed. And it also means moving the stinkin’ wood piles, again. However, it ALSO means that the tarps for the wood piles can be attached to the building and that will be easier to deal with in the snow and ice of winter; it will make the lot look neater too. It will also remove the wood piles from easy sabotage, by nasty neighbors, squirrels, etc.

All good!

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