Going Great Guns!

Saturday I cleaned that first bed, the Jerusalem artichokes & chive bed. Sunday I cleaned the second bed, grapes & oregano.

And today? Today I cleaned the shed, well most of it. It took me from not-quite 8 a.m. until 4:30! I am TIRED!

I tossed almost 100 books and the pile we’d nearly gotten all to the dump in the two trips on Saturday? It’s bigger than it was before we started. I have more to take to the dump on Weds. than I think I ever have before!

Found the missing bookshelves. Located the pieces of another bookcase, this one particle board. Because of where it is, it’s not getting dealt with til v 2 of the clean the shed.


Hmm. Yes. Our shed has platforms for plywood or other wood. Both are crammed full, This is sort of like a bunk bed for wood. The particle board book case pieces are on the bottom of the bottom tier. So, until I get everything off of it, the bookcase pieces aren’t going anywhere.

That will happen in Version 2.0.

After a solid 8 hours of hauling things out of the shed, cleaning, culling/sorting, hauling the trash over to the trash pile. (Repeat, repeat, and repeat again with more stuff.)  I was not up for standing on a ladder and dealing with sheets of plywood, slotwall, glass side lights, whatever.


I didn’t stop for lunch. I told DH he had 1 choice: he got to figure out dinner. I wasn’t cooking. Leftovers? Fine. Go out? Fine. Whatever. I am NOT cooking or doing dishes or cleaning anything else today, period.


This was definitely a REVEAL. I found stuff I didn’t know I had, or hadn’t seen since we moved here, like two water bottles from the company in FL we used to get bottled water from. I wasn’t counting and the shed isn’t large, but it SURE had a lot of stuff in it and has a LOT less now!



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