Whaling Away on the Food Notebook

for various reasons.

  • It’s one of the most universal of the projects I have to ready for sale.
  • It’s spring and so I’m thinking about growing food, saving $ on food, preserving food, etc.
  • I found recently an entire resource for data I hadn’t before (it didn’t exist) and so I’m adding that data.
  • I’m tired of “playing” with this and want it in a usable form!

Also, I’ve been sheeting receipts and going through boxes of papers. I did that for a while yesterday and tossed the obvious stuff (bill envelopes, manuals for things we no longer own, etc.) consolidated 2 bins into 1. One less box in the living room. Yay!

Two days ago I happened to have the time and was near the car wash with the free vac, so I vacuumed part of the car. It isn’t clean mind you, but it IS cleaner!

Today? I have the usual variety of tasks: Get the 2′ pile, books mostly, off my desk and DEALT with, change the sheets on the bed. Do a few more loads of laundry, raking and yard clean up (will be ongoing for at least another month, I can’t do this in a marathon, but I can peck away at it for a LONG time). And, finally, start the cleaning job in the bedroom required for the furniture move.

Of course, there’s always the shoulds too: get rid of another pile of books in the living room, clean the cat box, get all the dishes washed,  etc.– the usual never-ending on-going chores, with the seasonal additions of yard clean up, vegetable seeding, and car cleaning.

It’s spring, life goes on!



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