Memoir & Other Projects: Update

For those of you who know, the memoir has been “finished” for some time. I had a job that I concentrated on, it was part time going to be full time, I thought, but  it didn’t work out.

Anyway, I’m not doing that job now. So, I have the time to work on the other projects: the house, the memoir, the kitchen book, the cleaning plan, the vegetable garden — all of those have had a chunk of my time in the past few weeks. Along that line, I also have some website ideas which are in process too.

None of this is really brand new, it’s just been on hold for a while.

Here’s a rundown.

Memoir: needs the 2nd half rewritten. To that end I’m scheduled to go to a writing workshop in June.

House: the living room redesign, cull & clean continues. It’s getting there! The latest new piece is going to involve a major cull/clean in the bedroom too. That’s upcoming, probably this week.

Kitchen Book: I have ideas about publishing this, or part of it on my own. If I do that, I’ll provide a link here either to my shopping cheat sheets, or a write up or a link to a website, or ? The data is done. I need to hire some very talented ladies I know to do the graphics associated with it and possibly website design. It depends.

Cleaning Plan: Right now the plan is to write up an article or two, first. Then publish the plan itself. This is waiting on the house getting finished. Until it gets finished, I have a bunch of ideas that haven’t worked to talk about. I need a successful completion before I’ve got something salable!

Other Website Ideas: I’ve had 2 or 3 of these for some time. I need to buy the domains, and get the HTML done on them. I may get someone else to do them, DH may do them, or who knows?

Vegetable Garden: Some of this is related to the shopping cheat sheets. I realized I’ve got all this data, formatted, and why aren’t I using it myself? Growing food is part of this, only a small part, but it IS part of it!

7 responses to “Memoir & Other Projects: Update

  1. I’m sitting here J overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” that has accumulated over the 35 years we’ve lived here. Amazing, isn’t it? I need to get “culling” myself! And so looking forward to gardening again, now that the snows have receded for good. They are gone, right? Good luck with your plans!

  2. Thanks, you too!

  3. Holy crap! Where do you get all your energy, woman? Miss ya. 🙂

  4. And speaking of culling: I hired some guys to come and just haul stuff away. Garage has been culled and all usable stuff donated, as well as my laundry, living and dining room. Getting ready to gut it and re-drywall. and put in a new floor. Except I want all this to be done yesterday. Maybe even the day before. Patience, I know…

  5. Jamitysmom, Good luck! If you want some help some day, I’d be glad to come & help. Always easier to deal with other people’s stuff than your own. Want to swap? I’ll come help you for a day, you come & help me for a day . . .
    Murphala, Almost everything in that list is something I’ve spent years thinking about or working on. The kitchen book/marketing cheat sheets have been done for 5-10 years. About once a year I print out the current month and use it. (This is where the what’s on sale posts I used to do came from too.) But because I left my regular “day job” as of today, I looked around to see what I had that I could sell. Not just stuff, but income, and remembered the sheets. The websites are another. One of those was the thing I asked you about the spreadsheet for a while back. I think I fixed it, but, not sure. Computers are great tools for me, but I am NOT a geek anymore, just a user.

    You gave away your laundry and living and dining rooms? What are you wearing? Isn’t there a draft? [Sorry, too many years as a tech. writer and editor. I’m used to reading excactly what’s on the page. although I will admit it made me smile to think of 1/2 your house going away and you running after someone who had 2 rooms and your washer on the back of a truck . . . .

  6. Damn Oxford comma. I forgot. LOL! And in my defense, well, no there’s no excuse! But the literalism is not too far off. The two rooms are going to be gutted to the foundations. I’ll take pictures 🙂

  7. You do that. There’s a reason for that silly Oxford comma, as you and I both know! 😀

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