So, Next?

The laundry is almost caught up.

The things I’d pulled out last week have been put in the attic. Some things have been pulled out of the attic as well. Rule about tossing/donating/selling SPACE BUDGET applies to the storage and the attic too. Every time I go into one of those places I have to remove things to cull or sell. Right now I have two more trays from the storage to go through with books in them. They’ll go to the flea market I’m doing Sunday. If they don’t sell, they’ll go into the MADD book donation bin the books went into last week.

I just added about 50 magazines to the antique booth. Last month I sold mostly magazines. This month I’ve sold mostly paperbacks. Two months ago I sold mostly paperbacks. So, I’m restocking stuff a bit at a time. As long as the sales continue, I’m good!

The other booth isn’t doing so well, that’s where I’d sell housewares. The rent is only 30% of the other booth, but I’m still not selling stuff.

What I did for the flea market two weeks ago was pull a lot of the stuff that hadn’t sold from both and took that as my stock. Throughout the day, I kept lowering my prices on the $20 and less items. Many of them wound up on a table marked $1. What was left on the $1 at the end of the day was donated to a thrift shop before I left town. The rest of it came back and is now in the storage. The last cull in the house, the living room specifically, wound up in the sell pile. Except for one piece that went to the big antique store, those items will go to the Flea Market this weekend.

My whole attitude about stuff is different than it used to be. At this point I’ve had it with selling my own stuff. I’m tired of lugging things around, trying to get more than I paid for it. At this point, I don’t really care. I mean I won’t sell a piece I paid $100 for $1, but selling it for $80 or $90 is not beyond me. If I lug it around long enough, I’d probably go down from there.

I just want some cash and less stuff. With luck, I’ll be out of the book business before the end of the year. Then I’ll go out of the antique business. No more hauling things around — how nice that would be!

How do you get rid of your excess stuff? Does your town/neighborhood have a yard sale once a year? (I keep threatening to organize one here. There’s a parking lot at the end of my street, and there’s another at the baseball field, and . . . .)

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