I have, after decades of therapy and contemplation come up with a few truths

I have a personal philosophy about what works when dealing with problems are these simple things: CONCRETE AND POSITIVE trumps almost everything else. I remind myself to “put a cap” on it when things seem to start to go out of control.

The other  is something I first articulated about six months ago. It’s the answer to a  question which I get sometimes, “How do you keep going?”

That question has two honest answers. The first is I don’t. I don’t go continuously. I go in fits and starts which is what works for me. The second is the piece I came up with a few months ago. To get through any long-term problem, you must do one thing: start one more time that you’ve quit or failed.

I know intellectually that I’m finishing up the work I’ve spent 5 decades on. Believe me, I know exactly how long it is. But if I look at what I have yet to do dragging that along, I could NOT do anything, I’d be exhausted and pissed. If I focus instead on the NEXT step. Now that? That I can do.

There you go and you didn’t have to live with daily pain for 50+ years to get it either!


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