I have been working on my house, a lot.

As per usual, I work like mad, then stop. It’s not a regular effort. Dismantling the piles of stuff here still has all sorts of emotional booby-traps for me, so I’m dealing with stuff, dealing with the emotional fallout, dealing with stuff — you get the idea.

Last week I pulled all the laundry out of the laundry room. I had an idea bout the boxes on the kitchen counter (the counter is 9 feet long or so. The boxes are 4 feet long. I had previously moved one into the laundry room where it became two shelves. I wanted to put another on the other side of the room, but it won’t fit with the ironing board. Okay, rats! But our washer/dryer are away from the wall and I am SICK of dropping stuff behind them, so I took down part of my box wall today and moved one of the boxes on top of the washer & dryer. My plan was to hang it with the L brackets I bought today. Would work, except.

Except? Except there’s a water filter line in the way. I can turn it off on the washer side, but have no idea how to shut the valve down at the filter. So it has become a DH project. Even if my mounting idea doesn’t work (L brackets) I have an alternate which will use the brackets already there. But even then the water filter line is in the way. So, it’s a DH project no matter what DARN IT!!!

To do this today I tore apart a major storage area of my kitchen. I moved the vase collection up to the top of the kitchen cabinets. I pulled some things off the cabinets and put them in the “sell” stack. I pulled some things out of the dining room and put them aside to be hauled up to the attic and others also got added to the sell stack.

When I tackle a new area or an area I haven’t for a while, there’s a new rule. I have to find THINGS TO SELL OR DONATE! I am enforcing  a SPACE BUDGET every time I do this. Between the two, There’s a lot less stuff in the house.

For example. My darling husband for Christmas a few years ago gave me a dehydrator. Our new stove has a dehydrate setting. I am giving the dehydrator to my SIL. It isn’t a huge machine or anything, but it’s  a duplicate function and I don’t need it.

The only problem with dehydrating in my new stove is that no one either at the company site or the store where we bought it could find and order the screens the company made for this, so we couldn’t get any when we bought the stove.

On the Figure This Out list are stainless screens to fit in my stove, for dehydrating. I want 3: 1 full size and 2 1/2 size. If we can’t do anything else, I’ll just buy the screen material and figure out how to store it so it doesn’t get bent and use it without cutting my hands to ribbons.

Last year I used my cake racks, which worked, kind of, but not well enough to do anything in bulk. And I want to do bulk drying. I’d rather dry food than can it, it’s easier to store, lasts longer, and I don’t have the worry about messing it up, like I do with canning. When food isn’t dried enough and it’s going bad, you know it; it molds!

So, I’ve been working on the house. Mostly in the living room, but obviously in the laundry room and kitchen too. I wish this was faster or more consistent, but it’s getting done a bit at a time and it IS getting done and mostly staying done. The emotional backwash isn’t fun and is in fact pretty scary for me, but I’m doing what I can do at one time and honoring myself when I have to quit for a while. This includes the days when I am working on things. Writing this was a break I needed. I’m frustrated the shelf idea won’t work, but okay it won’t. I have more of the kitchen/dining room to pull back together and more laundry to do.


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