Ongoing and Herbal Frugality

I’m getting rid of stuff, amongst other things, like using stuff I already have. None of this is new, but I’m FINISHING things, and that IS.

I made two new rugs for our bathroom. I have to finish C’s rug, work on the living room rugs, etc. I have finally confessed that I have a hobby: I make rugs.

In the course of this and that last fall, I didn’t grab any parsley, or enough, I ran out. I usually have LOTS, in fact more than I need, but this last fall, I didn’t dry herbs like I usually do, so I ran out.

The price(s) of herbs in the market are just INSANE! If you don’t do any other gardening, growing your own herbs is one of those things that will definitely pay for itself. Herbs cost more than meat per lb, a lot more!

So when I went looking for parsley, I was outraged at the prices I found. The best I found was $41/lb, and that was an unknown brand. What to do?

A bunch of parsley at the same time was .99, so I got 2. I used one in the recipe I needed it for and took the other and put it in a brown paper lunch bag, hung it on a hook in my kitchen and dried it. We’re having pizza tonight, I wanted parsley on it, so I got the bag down.

After I stripped the leaves off the stems, etc. I had 5 grams of parsley flakes, for .99. I have NO idea how to frame this as an equation to figure the $ per lb. I know it can be done, and I should be able to do it, but my brain is just not up to it this second!

Five grams = .011 lbs by the way. So, roughly speaking, it costs about $100/lb to dry your own, bought in bunches from the supermarket, at a guess. Hmm. I would have figured it would be about 1/2 at the most of buying it in little bottles.


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