I’ve been looking for ideas

about how to unclutter here. Not much help out there. Oh there’s an abundance of ideas about if you haven’t used something in a year to pitch it, but not much that fits my situation.

I’m not afraid to toss stuff, I’m afraid of neat & tidy. And afraid isn’t the right word really. I get stressed in neat & tidy, well, that’s closer anyway.

All these people assume a few things, some of them dead wrong. You never read books on your bookshelf. (Well why keep them if you don’t?) Except for reference and some nostalgia, I agree, but I DO read the books on my shelf.

That you only keep notebooks because they contain your old school or meeting notes. Well, no. I use notebooks to file recipes, receipts, garden plans, story ideas, yada yada.

Maybe I’m running full tilt into old ladydom. I don’t have all my music, lit, and do all my writing on a computer or smart phone. I still use, read and store ideas, etc on PAPER, not surprisingly for a second generation bookseller (mother) and book collector’s (dad) kid. I’m a paper freak. I’m also of an age, I admit it. I don’t have a smart phone, will probably have to get one and resent it, but there it is. I really don’t want to carry a computer around with me all day.

Anyway, back to my original point, there doesn’t seem to be much advice out there that suits me. I found one post on pinterest that fit, out of dozens. I have a whole folder full of these “tips” and I read them and delete them, mostly.

It’s very frustrating; I’d really like some help. But most of these folks assume that 1)I’m adverse to purging things (not true) 2)that I have not recently culled my clothes (not true), medicine cabinet (not true), pantry (not true), games (not true) etc. I purge categories of stuff fairly often, and regularly. I tossed an entire box of cassette tapes tonight. So my problem isn’t getting rid of stuff.

  1. I have WAY too much stuff
  2. I have BAD habits
  3. I get anxious/stressed/my PTSD acts up when it’s tidy!

Neat & tidy feels nice, but unsafe. And there’s no pinterest posts, or very few, that I can use from where I actually am as above and with the addition that I have no problem culling things!

The world needs a pinterest post on decluttering when you have anxiety issues. I may write such a thing, at some point, but I have to get past mine before I’ll go dispensing advice!


2 responses to “I’ve been looking for ideas

  1. Well, I can’t help you! I’m wondering if you’re being a little too hard on yourself? Why do you beat yourself up trying to clean the house when to do so would mean being uncomfortable in it? I agree, to get rid of stuff you’re not using is a good idea and maybe that’s enough!? I’m looking around my house right now and it definitely is cluttered. But, I don’t care! We live here! I knit, hook rugs and pillows, sew, cook, read, etc. in these rooms. I don’t have a “studio” and now that my daughter moved back home I don’t even have an extra bedroom to store “stuff”. This is the way we live. One of my favorite quotes I’ve seen is something along the lines that only “boring” people have neat houses, haha. If I’m having company I will pick up the clutter and clean the house. Otherwise, as long as my kitchen is clean and the bathrooms I’m okay with that. If someone just happens to drop in I will say “excuse the mess” and no one seems to mind at all. Life is too short J!

  2. It’s possible I’m being too hard on myself!

    I’m a striver by nature. Show me a wall and I want to go through, around, or under it. I don’t need a clean house, DH does however, for his own reasons. And, it just frustrates the heck outta me that I’m such a wuss.

    We’re working on a compromise. Finding where that spot is makes this a challenge. Right now, my idea is that I’m doing the living room first. I’m trying to make the living room “public” space in my head.If I can do that, I can possibly approach it like I used to my shop. The shops weren’t always neat & tidy either, but I could clean them without anxiety.

    Cleaning the store fronts was just making things more pleasant for the public, which meant they’d stay longer, which meant they’d buy more as a rule. If I can get there with the living room, that may be enough for DH, and frankly, I’d like a place to sit other than the office, bedroom or dining area! (And the dining area isn’t always all that available either.)

    I’m just stuck and trying to get unstuck. I hope this works. If it does, hurrah! If it doesn’t, well, I’m probably no worse off than I was before.

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