Home Report: Unfolding Style

Decorating wise, it seems we’re semi-Steampunk. Except we’re not. I’m not in love with the “gears on everything” Victorian aesthetic. I’m not into “eclectic” or “modern” or “machine age” or “new age” or “shabby chic” or “mod” or “deco” either. It’s some of all of those and none of them in abundance.

I am in love with industrial stuff: lamps, crates, old typewriters, old  lighting, typesetters’ drawers, cash till pockets, old retail displays, etc. We don’t have room for everything of course.

This is a log home, which means the really slick mid-Century modern stuff we used in our last two homes looked out of place here, so most of it is gone.

The “style” that’s emerging is something I’m learning about as I go. I didn’t know that was in there! Galvanized, wood crates, old black typewriters, wrought iron, enamel and other metalware. S’okay. We’ll see how it all comes out!

Decided a while ago that I need to take all the “crop tops” from making rugs and make them into mini rugs for the stair case. That means repainting the stairs, which is fine. I like my fix for the stained stair fronts, but if you don’t know what was there, it just looks kind of messy, and I don’t want that, so it will change!

Pics when I get more of it done, I promise!




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