Garden Work

Did the first major part of the vegetable garden seeding and set up today. Got the bean and pea trellises up. Seeded the spring cabbages, peas, scallions, potatoes, and brussel sprouts.

The asparagus crowns I put in last year are putting up nice, thick healthy looking stalks. Very tempting, but I know not to eat them for three years, so I won’t and I made a point of telling DH where the asparagus that’s to use is as well!

There are four rhubarb plants out there. Right now they’re about the size of large African violets, certainly not big enough to cut any, but the plants are growing apace.

Transplanted the Concord ground cover. I’d gotten this from a customer/friend of mine who was 90 and had owned the house the family sold in Concord, MA for about 50 years. He gave me a start of it and I’d stuffed it in the bed that houses the asparagus because up til last year there wasn’t enough there to worry about. Also transplanted the pachysandria. That came from a friend in Westchester County, NY. It also got moved from the aspragus bed. The bed will now be asparagus and lettuce or other short term, shallow rooted greens, so the bulk of the bed is just for the asparagus. I’d been planning the bed for a long time, but until last year didn’t have enough crowns to fill the bed. Not now!

Been working a lot on various things for the two jobs, also working on the memoir, the new anthology (as we get stories) and the fourth rug. Decided that I’ll make rugs for the stairs or coasters from the scraps I’ve got. Otherwise the scraps are going to take over my office! There’s only so many rags a family can use!

Happy (really happy!) spring —


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